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Monday March 4th

Sorority promotes heart health awareness

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By Colleen Rushnak

The Brower Student Center Room 100 is normally used for official meetings and dining, but on Friday, Feb. 1, it transformed into an indoor recess for students.

Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha educate students on active lifestyle (Photo courtesy of Colleen Rushnak).

To promote heart health awareness, Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority organized the annual Pink Goes Red event with activities that included jump rope, hula hoops, four square, twister, paddleball and hopscotch.

“It’s a great way to encourage healthy heart habits in a fun way,” said Alpha Kappa Alpha’s vice president, Ine’a Smith, a junior self-designed literary, visual and performing arts major.

Throughout the event, health books were available for students to educate themselves on how to maintain an active lifestyles. Stickers were also distributed as prizes to contribute to the theme of childhood games and toys.

Emily Lamb, a sophomore graphic design major, came to the event because she was “feeling stressed and just wanted some relief to be a kid.”

Students also played a highly competitive game of musical chairs at the event, which showed that exercise can be achieved in an unconventional and entertaining way.

“Who isn't passionate about heart health awareness? It is something that needs to be promoted around campus,” said Isabella Guhl-erdie, a sophomore political science and English major.

Senior marketing major Gayle Mayani commended the theme of the event.

“Did you know heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women in America?” Mayani said. “We have to get our hearts healthy by trying to work out.”


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