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Monday May 20th

Campus Style: Dress Trends

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By Danielle Silvia

Looking ahead in the forecast, it appears that the weather will be warmer these next few days. While it may not feel completely like spring yet, temperatures are steadily rising and spring fever is growing more tangible. Dresses are the perfect springtime staple and come in many different colors, fabrics and styles. You can also detail to your spring outfits with accessories such as sun hats and belts.

  1. Fit and flare. This is my favorite type of dress because it is classy, timeless and flattering on all body types. A fit and flare dress is great for spring because you can easily add a neutral cardigan on a breezy day or go sleeveless if the sun is out.

  2. Floral dresses. You can never go wrong with a floral dress in the spring. Whether you are attending a formal, a lowkey get-together with old friends or a fancy wedding, incorporating flowers into your dress is always on trend. If you have a plain dress, add a floral design by pairing it with a scarf or a belt. Be sure that the flowers match your outfit — big, bold flowers go well with dark, solid colors while lighter, layered flowers should be paired with paisley or pale colors.

  3. Denim dresses. Denim dresses are slowly making a comeback. The best part about them is that they come in all types of designs that exude different spring feels. Light denim dresses and tan boots create the perfect western look for the springtime, and dark, denim dresses are perfect for a night out. If you are looking to create an edgy look, try pairing light and dark denim.


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