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Monday May 20th

Campus Style: Summer Hairstyle Guide

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By Danielle Silvia

Summer fashion trends are already heating up, but something I always struggle with is finding the best summer hairstyle. Between 80-degree temperatures and humidity, summer hairstyles only work if they are easy, stylish and keep me cooled down. Warm spring days are the perfect opportunity to start trying out these summer looks.

  1. Twisted ponytail. I used to just throw my hair up in a high ponytail because it was a quick and easy process, but doing that repeatedly put a strain on my scalp, so I’ve been wearing loose ponytails that keep the hair out of my face without any pain. To add detail, french braid the side of your hair and gather it with your loose ponytail. If you have short hair, twist the end of the braid into a circle to loop into a ponytail, and if you have long hair, extend the braid farther down into a ponytail.

  2. Ballerina bun. Who doesn’t love a classic bun? Buns are great for summertime because they keep the extra heat off of your neck and are a classy hairstyle. Personally, summer heat tends to force my hair into heaps of tiny curls that are difficult to maintain. Pulling my hair into this type of bun works well because I can get all of the hair out of my face and even jazz up my style with a hairband or barrettes. Wear a sundress with ballet flats to maintain the classy theme.

  3. Waterfall braid. A waterfall braid is a trendy way to keep the hair out of your face and add detail to any hairstyle. If the weather is cool enough for you to wear your hair down, a waterfall braid is a great way to style the crown of your hair. This style allows you to move the majority of your hair to the back to show off your makeup or “summer glow.” For added detail, wear accessories, such as sparkles for the Fourth of July or flowers to create a more earthy look.


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