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Monday May 20th

Campus Style: Men's Fashion Guide

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By Danielle Silvia

For my final column of this semester, it has come to my attention that these fashion tips have been geared toward women. Recently, a guy friend of mine mentioned that he was struggling to find some summer fashion trends as the weather gets warmer. Although there are some gender-neutral fashion trends, some tips are fit for men for any occasion. Men’s fashion trends include the flexibility to dress up or down and hone in on certain fashion trends for nearly any occasion. For all the guys out there, this one’s for you.

  1. Plaid button down shirts. Plaid is your best friend for barbecues, pool parties or any outdoor event this summer. It is a great option for men looking to spruce up their outfits because the pattern’s colors can be easily coordinated with the rest of your look. Look for neutral colors such as grey, black or brown that you can wear for any summer event. A button-down shirt is casual, but can be dressed up. Pair a plaid button-down shirt with matching shoes, khakis or jeans, and a belt for the perfect summer look.

  2. Boat shoes. Boat shoes are best for all seasons, but summer is a great time if you’re looking for trendy and comfortable footwear. Boat shoes add an extra touch of class to any outfit you wear, so they’re great with a button-down shirt and tie or a graphic T-shirt and shorts. Be sure to coordinate boat shoes with a scheme of colors rather than keeping your entire outfit neutral.

  3. Denim pants. You can never go wrong with denim during the summer. Not only is denim stylish with any shirt, but it also portrays a relaxed summer vibe. Opt for light-colored denim and save darker denim for the fall in order to optimize that summer mood. Once the weather gets warmer, go for shorts and strive for a length that is suitable for your needs. Don’t get stuck in a constant sea of blue jeans. Olive, gray, white and blue are great for the summer.


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