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Sunday December 5th

Campus Style: Minimal Statement Pieces

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Minimal statement pieces have become the latest trend to enter the fashion scene. Everyone has their go-to minimal pieces and the ones you pull out to make a statement. People wear statement pieces as the main focal point in an outfit and to seize attention. Minimalist pieces are simple and usually don’t receive much attention. Many times, they are overshadowed and looked at the bases of a statement piece. The great effect of this trend is that it combines the two concepts to create an outfit that’s worth wearing. 

Don a bucket hat for a stylish look (Envato Elements).

1.) Hats

Forget about the usual baseball caps, sunhats and beanies that are common. Stand out this season with berets and bucket hats. Bucket hats might have been a thing of the past. Yet, with this new trend, they are back and better than ever. These hats come in different fabrics, colors and prints. Think of a simple black outfit with an animal print bucket hat to add some flare to your outfit. Now if you are going for a more classic look, a beret is a great option. Solid color berets create a look of sophistication and class. They are a statement piece because they aren’t commonly worn, yet they are minimal because of how simple they are.

2.) Printed/ Patch Tops

You aren’t the only one seeing prints of angels or simple blue butterflies on tops at every clothing store possible. I first saw this trend at Urban Outfitters with pictures of angels on short, long and crewneck tops. What followed was the image of a simple printed or patched butterfly in the middle of any top imaginable. These images are not only minimal, but also effortless in the beauty that they create in the clothing that transpires to your outfit. I love this trend because even though the image is mesmerizing, the clothing is simple enough to allow for easy access to spectacular arranging outfits.

3.) Tiny purses

Move over mini backpacks. These tiny purses are for a fashion trend that will give you a “Cher from ‘Clueless’” vibe. These purses are cute with their rhinestone or beaded tiny bucket, making them a statement in the world of fashion. They add flair to your outfit without much effort. What is a good look if there is not a little bling?


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