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Monday December 6th

Campus Style: Getting Ready for Formal

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By Kerry Rushnak

Formal and date party season is approaching at the College, and everyone wants to look their best. Getting a head start on your look will allow you to simply focus on the night ahead. 

With so many dress options out there, it is easy to personalize your luck based on your style and comfort level. 

1.) High-low

For the girls aiming for a flirty look, try a high-low dress that shows some skin, but still remains modest and flowy. With the right color, this dress will make you stand out among the crowd—and show off your legs, too. The floral pattern featured on this dress looks great on every skin tone.

2.) Jumpsuit

Do you want to stand out at your formal? Opt for a jumpsuit, rather than a dress. Jumpsuits come in various colors and patterns, so there is always something for everyone. Some come with details such as a belt, open back, or everyone’s favorite: pockets. If you end up rocking a jumpsuit, you’ll steal the spotlight and be much more comfortable on the dancefloor.

3.) Two-piece set

Two pieces are all the hype this season. Get your hands on a dainty white, lace dress! The color stands out on every girl, and the two piece adds the flare you’re looking for. After the party, you can mix and match the top and skirt with other pieces in your closet, making this look a smart investment that you can utilize all year round.

4.) Bodycon

Do you consider yourself a baddie? Rock a bodycon dress that radiates confident girl energy. The cinched detailing down the sides hugs your body in all the right places, making you feel your best. Pair this look with gold jewelry and you’re ready to hit the town.


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