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Monday March 4th

Classic Signals: Seniors balance their final semester

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By Liya Davidov
Features Editor

The spring semester brings colder dorm rooms, tougher courses and new challenges, making it difficult to find a balance between living in the moment and looking forward to the next break. In an Oct. 2002 issue of The Signal, the former editor-in-chief reflected on what life as a senior means in terms of balancing school work, job applications and friends. 

Students learn how to divide their time between friends and school. (Photo courtesy of TCNJ Digital Archives)

Last night, for the first time all semester, I sat down and hung out with my friends.

Yes, that’s right. You heard me correctly. Last night was the first time this semester I got to hang out with my friends. And that’s sad.

This is my last semester here at the College. I’m not going to get too many more chances to sit down and have a good time with people. 1 have to finish up my classes. I have to make sure Records and Registration is not going to surprise me on Dec. 16, and tell me I don’t have enough credits to graduate. 1 have to start the dreaded job search and pray to God (and anyone else) that I find a job.

I’m so wrapped up in the stress of senior year that I think I’m forgetting to enjoy it.

So, right now, I’m going to remind you: enjoy this. Don’t get all wrapped up in deadlines, papers and books that you have to read (but will never remember). Remember that there are two sides to college: the academic side and the fun side.

By no means am I advocating shunning your academic duties, but there are so many more things to do. This past weekend, a friend went to her first NCAA Division III game, and watched our school beat Rutgers-Newark. And she had a good time. We threw a birthday party for my house­ mate, who turned 21. For once, a group of us got together to do something besides have a meeting about the newspaper.

Then, my friends and 1took time out of our busy schedules to cook a meal for each other. There we were in this 2-by-4 kitchen, making meatballs, gravy (yes, gravy!), macaroni, salad, garlic bread and dessert. By no means was this an easy task, but we got it done. And when we all sat down to eat, the smiles around the table were ones that I will never find in any class, homework assignment or all-nighter.


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