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Sunday December 5th

Classic Signals: Students bond with their roommates

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By Liya Davidov
Features Editor

At the College, many are preoccupied by 8 a.m. classes, hours of homework in the library and extracurricular activities. When we are surrounded by so much opportunity to prove ourselves, we often forget the importance of both fostering and maintaining relationships. It can be difficult to make time to have a social life, not to mention build a relationship with the person sleeping in the same room as you. 

In a November 2002 issue of The Signal, a staff writer covered a Sodexo-sponsored Roommate Appreciation Dinner at the College. 

Appreciate the friend at the other side of the dorm (Photo courtesy of TCNJ Digital Archives).

Dinner for two was offered for $19.99 between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., with three choices for an entrée. Students could choose between pork loin stuffed with apple sauce, herb-crusted salmon or blackened rib eye steak. All the entrées were served with a twice baked potato and asparagus. Dessert consisted of coconut cake or double-chocolate cake.

Students at the dinner seemed pleased with the event.

“Well, I can’t quite argue with feeling appreciated or with a meal that isn’t quesadillas,” Jim Flesher, freshman biology major, said.

At the Marketplace Convenience Store in Eickhoff Hall this week, Sodexo has also been offering roommate appreciation gifts.

Since Sodexo took over dining services at the College last July, it has offered a number of different promotions and events at the College, according to Steven Hugg, marketing specialist for Sodexo.

“The Campus Quest Fest, for instance, was held during Welcome Week,” Huggs said. “It had a ‘Survivor’ theme, complete with a barbecue menu. Camping toys and prizes and brochures with survival tips. We also enhanced the program by teaming up with Nantucket Nectars to raffle off a mountain bike.”

In the past, Sodexo has offered theme nights in The 1855 Room, including Mardi Gras/ Sodexo has partnered with the Campus Wellness Center to bring outside vendors to the Wellness Fair.

Sodexo has programs in the works as well to help pique students’ interests.

“Next semester, we’ll open with a brand new Holman cart,” Hugg said.

He added, “It’ll offer the same products we have now, and we hope to expand the menu slightly, and make it a little more consistent.”


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