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Tuesday October 4th

Social isolation doesn’t have to be boring

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By Natalie Notaro 

Coronavirus seems to have dominated the country in a matter of days, and students nationwide have been forced to put both their academic and social lives on hold. It is easy to have a negative outlook on this three-week hiatus, but that will not help the time pass any quicker. I have had a difficult time adjusting to this sudden change myself, however, there is a long list of activities for college students to try that will keep you occupied during the long days ahead. 

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Get Crafty
I have never been particularly artistic, but have found myself making tons of crafts these past few days. Grab some paints from around the house and get creative. You don’t have to use a canvas. The other day, I took one of my old jean jackets out of my closet, cut out a stencil and started painting it. If painting or drawing isn’t your thing, you could also dig up that old puzzle from your basement or grab your favorite childhood book. If you don’t want to go to the store and get these materials, you can still turn to Amazon, which is still doing Prime deliveries. 

Turn to TikTok
As we know, TikTok has found its way onto almost all of our phones. Whether you are mastering a dance for your own video (and getting a little cardio in while you’re at it) or scrolling through your feed, there is no denying that this app is addicting. This is a great way to bond with your younger siblings — my 11-year-old sister has been teaching me all of the latest trends. If you don’t already have the app, download it now and take a stab at going viral!

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Organize your space
While you are waiting for your TikTok to blow up, you can deep clean your room and reorganize your closet. I definitely kept myself occupied when I decided to do a room makeover. Moving your furniture around and deep cleaning your room is also great for your mental health. 

Connect with Friends
My friends and I have been texting constantly while also playing GamePigeon, which is another fun way to pass the time. Whether it’s basketball, 8-ball or Anagrams, this is a great way to cure boredom by interacting with people you miss. Never underestimate the benefits of a FaceTime session with your best friends from school. Catch up and vent to each other! 

Dive into a new Netflix show
On campus, we are constantly booked, leaving little time to lounge in sweats and binge watch our favorite TV shows. Now is the time to start that series that you’ve been meaning to get to or watch that highly acclaimed new movie that just came out. 

Get Outside
It is scientifically proven that fresh air can improve your immune system. The springtime weather is creeping in, so be sure to soak in your Vitamin D by walking your dog, going for a run or dusting off your old Razor scooter from your garage. I’ve found myself plugging in my headphones and going for long walks, sometimes ending up two towns over! It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the midst of this chaotic time. If the weather is poor, you can easily turn to YouTube dance or cardio videos to keep you feeling fit. 

Make a Playlist
Music lovers can spend this time crafting the perfect playlists, or even making music on their own on Garage Band, which is something my brother is attempting to do. Summer is just around the corner, so get that windows-down playlist going.


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