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Friday March 24th

How students at the College plan on spending their day off

A great way to relax, if the weather is nice, is by sitting outside (Photo courtesy of Catherine Gonzalez/Staff Writer).
A great way to relax, if the weather is nice, is by sitting outside (Photo courtesy of Catherine Gonzalez/Staff Writer).

By Catherine Gonzalez
Staff Writer

This Thursday, Feb. 16, professors from the College will be partaking in the Excellence in Teaching and Learning Summit. This means that undergraduate students will have no classes between 8 a.m. and 4:50 p.m.

The Signal interviewed a random sample of undergraduate students at the College to get a feel for what the general student-body will be doing with their free time. The questioning caught a few students off-guard.

“I didn’t even realize there was a day off,” said Owen O’Callahan, a sophomore accounting major.

With the time off from classes, many students plan to study or do some homework.

“I want to finish some stuff up before the weekend comes, hopefully free up my weekend if I can,” said Nadia Digioia, a junior nursing major.

Some students plan on taking this opportunity to hang out with their friends.

“I’ll probably go out to lunch with a bunch of them,” said Frank Murphy, a freshman psychology major.

Other students said they plan on watching movies, TV shows or playing video games, something that they don’t get much leisure to do with so much class time.

“I want to catch up on some movies and shows that I’ve been missing,” freshman biology major Josh Sanchez said.

Some students shared specific games they would like to play, including Mario Kart, as well as shows they plan on watching.

“There’s this new show I discovered called ‘Better Call Saul,’ and it’s about a lawyer,” said Lea Pichardo, a sophomore philosophy major. “Seeing that I’m really interested in pursuing a career in law, I enjoy it and will probably watch it on Thursday.”

A couple of people have plans with their families this Thursday.

“I’m going to the movies with my dad and sister,” said Laylah Burke, a freshman computer science major.

One of the most popular answers by all was to relax, whether by sleeping, hanging out, or just getting a little space from their schoolwork, as well as doing laundry. 

“I feel like this break is very well-needed for students, just because everyone’s been working themselves to the bone,” said Rebecca Nieves, a sophomore journalism major. “I am so excited for this break, even though it’s just a day, just to recoup, catch up with people and really take care of myself.”


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