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Saturday June 15th

Zoey the golden retriever: The College's honorary mascot

Zoey the golden retriever is always there when students need a dose of stress relief (Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Gladstone/Photo Editor).
Zoey the golden retriever is always there when students need a dose of stress relief (Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Gladstone/Photo Editor).

By Delmis Vargas

It’s not rare to see members of the Ewing community walking their dogs on campus, but there is one dog in particular that stands out from the rest; her name is Zoey, a four-year-old golden retriever who is always sporting a big, friendly smile and an enthusiastically wagging tail. 

Daniel Knox, Zoey’s owner, said in an interview her first ventures on campus were in a children’s bicycle carrier when she was just a small puppy. Zoey was bred as a show dog, but only ever did two shows, perhaps explaining her attention-grabbing nature.

“I was advised, as a young pup, she should be exposed to as many new environmental things as possible,” Knox said. 

With Zoey’s extroverted nature, it is safe to say that this was great advice. Typically, students see the golden retriever strolling up to someone, plopping down and rolling over on her back in anticipation of belly rubs. 

Carmelina Sanci, a sophomore biology major, said she sees Zoey almost everyday by the science complex, adding that she always feels comfortable to go up and say “hi.”

“It’s very relaxing to see Zoey,” Sanci explained, “especially after coming out of a bio class.” 

Zoey’s calming and warm nature offers students a small break from the stress and hecticness of classes and busy schedules. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, petting the friendly dog offers relief from the stress of a busy college lifestyle. 

Even though Zoey loves physical affection, she is content with saying hello from afar. One of the most popular spots to see Zoey is outside of the library. She will typically make the rounds at each window of the Library Café, propping herself up on her hind legs, and peeking in at the busy students. She successfully garners the attention of most students, no matter how hard at work they may be.

“Even though I haven’t actually gone up to her, seeing her is still nice,” said sophomore biology major Jack Centrelli, who typically sees Zoey from the windows of the café. 

On top of being a well-known dog around campus, she has also grown up with some of the student body. The College’s seniors may remember her from their second semester of freshman year when she first appeared on campus.

Mark Koerner, a senior finance major, said he remembers first seeing Zoey two years ago. 

“I’ve only ever had positive interactions with Zoey,” said Koerner. “Plus, the owner was just as friendly,” he added. Although Zoey herself encourages people to go up and say hello, Knox’s friendly and welcoming disposition eases any nerves a person may have about going up to say hello to Zoey. 

When the pandemic struck, not only did things change drastically for students, but for Zoey as well, as she was so accustomed to seeing the College’s campus buzzing with students.

Knox said, “We would take walks on campus and she would look around at a deserted campus and would basically say, ‘Where are my friends?’” 

Zoey’s lively attitude is enhanced on days where she walks around campus sporting an accessory. On some days, she joins the pride by wearing a lion’s mane, representing the College’s mascot, Roscoe the lion. When holidays are near, she can be seen wearing festive headbands, such as reindeer antlers during Christmas Time and bunny ears around Easter. 

The golden retriever is also an active participant in Greek life organizations on campus. Whenever the sororities and fraternities are hosting whip cream pie fundraising events, Zoey is eager to get a handful of whipped cream, according to Knox. 

Zoey is a beloved member of the College’s community, never lacking in love and affection from the student body.

“The coolest thing is when I hear a student say, ‘This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me,’” Knox mused.

Zoey’s extroverted personality, as well as her friendly and loving demeanor, has ignited a mutual affection and care between the students of the College and Zoey and her family.


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