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Friday March 24th

Letter to the Editor: College used snow day to get flaky

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To the Editor,

Due to the recent snowstorm, The College administration had a few of its own flakes flying. On Monday morning there was a 2 foot snow drift blocking my townhouse door. This would have been fine if the doors opened inward, but they dont. The townhouse doors open out, well, when there is no snow blocking them they do! Can you say fire hazard? Thanks to the grounds crew who came and dug us out! At least classes were cancelled to ensure the safety of the college community. Tuesday the adminstration felt it was safe enough to let students and faculty come to campus at 12:30. I was praying for commuters and faculty because I know that some of the side roads in other towns were not plowed. But hey, if TCNJ is plowed, everything else must be okay, right? Because of limited parking, administrative offices were closed. By not having them come in, commuters had an easier time finding parking? Right, because commuters are always allowed to park in faculty lots... (insert sarcasm here). So during the course of my Tuesday, I left my townhouse several times (after a path was cleared to my door of course). Once I got down to the end of Townhouses South, however, where could I walk that was plowed? NOWHERE! Going up toward the student center, the sidewalk was unplowed. Across the bridge through the woods was unplowed. Once I did manage to hike through this safe terrain, however, I again encountered the same scene all over the campus. The makeshift path from Commons (Eickhoff) to Quimby's Prairie was yet another snow laden mess! But still, it was safe to come to class. Guess what? I don't even have class on Tuesday, so I am not mad just because I had to go to class! This administration seriously needs to consider all aspects of safety for commuters, residents, faculty and staff getting to and from The College, including roads of neighboring towns. Well, this letter isn't all about complaints... I would like to give a huge thank-you to the Sodexho staff that made it to work on Monday to serve us. I know it was a skeleton crew and not much was open, but they were here and we were fed. Kudos! Thanks!

Elliot Hirshorn


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