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Tuesday December 5th

Tristan Weisenbach

(Photo courtesy of Liam Simonelli / Editorial Cartoonist).

OPINION: Fake viral Thanksgiving Day parade float video highlights importance of media literacy

In today’s ever-changing era of technology, social media has grown from what was once simply connecting with friends online to now providing an avenue for seemingly anyone to create anything and share it under any name — whether it’s real or not. While these state-of-the-art developments have garnered many creative and once-unimaginable creations, they have also given an outlet to share information online that is false. 

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Many first-year students choose to live on campus, especially in the Travers and Wolfe towers (Photo courtesy of Albert Nunez / Staff Photographer).

OPINION: ResEd’s potential first-year residential requirement is the worst possible decision

At a recent Residential Education and Housing meeting, representatives outlined a potential new policy that the College may implement in the future that would require all first-year students to reside on campus. While there were a few noted exemptions to this policy that would likely be included, such as financial need, health conditions and students who live with their parents or guardians within 10 miles of campus, the idea itself is still likely to turn away prospective students.

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