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Friday March 24th

Letter to the Editor: Students against military action

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As President Bush plans military action, the obligation to protect Iraq's civilian population requires that certain weapons systems should not be in US forces' arsenal

Weapons that are inherently indiscriminate, including cluster bombs, landmines, nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, should not be used.

If, as predicted, military action begins with aerial bombardment of Iraq, President Bush must ensure that US weapons don't kill civilians.

While Iraqi authorities may illegally deploy military equipment in civilian areas, this does not alter or reduce the US resposibility to protect innocent civilian lives. We once again urge Preisdent Bush to reconsider using indiscriminate military force on Iraq because of the inevitable loss of civilian lives.


Bethany Quings, Leslie Stickler, Erin Fisher, Jessica Dziedzic, Barbara Dula, Kate Kemeny, Lisa Radak, Jenna Withers, Danny Lehmkuhl, Jen Laks, Michael Malatino, Jenn Geigert, Courtney Mezzacappa, Paulo Riberio, Morgen Gruber, Carolyn Botnos, Heather DeNoia, Steve Schulze, Chris Russell, Kevin Semanick, Lindsay Roche, Maggie Murphy, Wim Shih, Jeanette Franko,Tara Aprilante, Sarah Canning, David Nye, Andrea Jamioikowski, Timeica Hartwig, Jan Staura, Yekateuira Bardam, Kevin Ryan, Dino Battley, Precious Kellam, Shakiea Mason, Danielle Grinblat, Debbie Warszniter, Michelle McQuillan, Joe Cistaro, Ellen Kim, Christine Callahan, Sean Begley, Michelle Matthews, Crista Huggins , Melissa Suber, Yennifer St. Vil, Rachael Suber, Shaheen Mamawala, Kerin Halper, Jennifer Lynn, Kelly Conway, Jamina Wilson, Tony Richter, Kaitlin Hageer, Starlyn Weir, Christine Feury, Meredith Hagan, Sean Ryan, Pamela Mirabelli, Robert Sweeting, Jaime Rice, Dawn Hurley, Taylor Cayes, Laura Giannella, Lauren Ross, Elizabeth Gaglione, Jacelyn Charlon, Chris Gallup, Minhye Yu, Rachel Walling, Teri-Lynn Allonerde, Erin Morchen, Tracy Shibla, Elizabeth Gilehrist, Jennifer Knobloch, Jennifer Boutros


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