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Monday March 4th

Lions win scrimmage over Patriots

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The College's Division III football team defeated George Mason University's club team, 62-20. While the contest on Oct. 17 did not count for the College's record, the Lions could not afford to discount the Patriots, who brought an undefeated record to the game.

The game brought the Lions several season and career records. The College's final score of 62 is a season high, while the defense, led by junior linebacker James Smith and senior linebacker Vince Tardive held GMU to 20 points.

The Patriots won all six of their games with an average of 45.8 points per game, giving the College even more incentive to play hard.

The Lions started off with a pass from quarterback Bob Schurtz to junior wide receiver Tony Sorrentino in the end zone.

This was quickly followed with a blocked punt, which senior defensive back Jeremy Julio kept for a score.

Six minutes later, freshman running back Cory Schoonover rushed for 20 yards to put the Lions in the end zone again.

The College held a comfortable 21 point lead in the first quarter before GMU answered by returning a kick 80 yards for a touchdown. The Patriots held the Lions on their next possession and seemed to gain momentum before two penalties on the same play brought them to 1-and-27.

The Lions scored three unanswered touchdowns in the second quarter. Schoonover scored his second of the game with a 13-yard run into the end zone.

A 39-yard carry put the Lions on the one, handing sophomore running back Gregg Silvesti his first touchdown of the night.

In a scrimmage, "It was good for Schoonover and Sylvesti to get time," Head Coach Eric Hamilton said. "We have some big physical teams coming up in the next weeks of the season, and this game gave them some confidence."

"We have all the confidence in the world in them as players, but now they have some too," he added.

The Lions allowed two more touchdowns from GMU in the second half.

Lion running back Jim Dabrowski, freshman quarterback Spencer Gaskill and freshman running back Derek Thompson scored in the second half.

Hamilton was appreciative that GMU accommodated the Lions into their schedule this year, since the College would have had back-to-back bye weeks after Jersey City State University dropped their football program.

"Their coach is a Trenton State football player, and you can't beat that," Hamilton said. "They shifted their schedule to work us in."

According to Hamilton, GMU hopes to become a varsity program in the future.

The Lions had their bye week last weekend.

Upcoming Game

The Lions play their homecoming game on Nov. 1, against Montclair State University. Their record in the NCAA and New Jersey Athletic Conference remains at 5-1.


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