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Monday April 15th

Farewell to the Signal

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With graduation approaching, my time as sports editor at The Signal, like the rest of my college career, has quickly come to an end. This past semester, my Sunday and Monday nights have been spent in the student center basement, doing my part to help produce a school paper that I hope provided some entertainment and enlightenment to the campus.

At first, The Signal was a job and something that I was supposed to do as a journalism major. But as I came to accept the fact that I would fall asleep in my 10 a.m. comparative politics class on Tuesday mornings, I began to enjoy my time spent here, knowing that my hard work and sleepless nights were worth it after seeing my glorious work on the back page of The Signal on Wednesday.

Through my time here, I have not only gained valuable experience and preparation for what I hope to be a successful career as a sports journalist, I have also learned the joys of working with some of the most interesting and dedicated people I have come to call my friends.

While I am proud to receive the SHLOG for "Most likely to abuse an assistant," I would like to thank my assistant, Lauren, for putting up with my sometimes crude and cranky behavior. I wish her luck and hope I have taught her well enough to follow in my footsteps. I must also thank my predecessor, Matt, for showing me the ropes and secrets of copying and pasting.

To the top editors - Kelly and Ashley, what would I have done without you catching all my mistakes? Well, I mean Kelly catching all my mistakes and Ashley reading track stories and thinking they were golf stories.

To my fellow editors, thank you for helping me with InDesign and layout problems. Thank you Tammy for your tireless work as copy editor and for providing me with some entertainment with your comments about how you don't understand sports lingo. To my neighboring editors, Allison and John Fialk, thanks for helping make the back right wall of The Signal office a little more lively. It was always fun to go back late Monday morning and find messages on my Facebook wall.

To Daniela, I will always be your F-O-X and your drunken dancing buddy. That also goes for Katelyn, Ashley, Donna, Paige and any other Signal girl who had the pleasure. To the rest of you I failed to mention, I hope you valued your time at The Signal as much as I did. I would like to wish all graduating seniors good luck as we venture into the not-so-promising journalism job market. Do not let the Nancy Graces of the world bring down the noble purpose we have learned journalists are meant to have. Carry on the tradition of excellence of both The Signal and our Hot College.


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