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Friday March 24th

The Signal bids farewell to our EIC

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A long time ago, a prophecy was made: an editor of remarkable talent and world-renown (at least according to editors at The Philadelphia Inquirer) would come to The Signal. Three years ago, Megan DeMarco fulfilled this prophecy. And for the next seven semesters, she would give her life to the cause of NJPF-award winning college journalism, finally reaching Editor-in-Chief. But she now takes her leave of The Signal, and we wanted her to know that she would be missed.

M = Mechanical; she’s a robot!
E = Euphoric when the rest of us want to kill ourselves
G = Great at journalism
A = Apparently everything The Philadelphia Inquirer wants in an intern
N = Nefarious (I just think this word is really cool and wanted to use it)


Every time she spoke, it seemed like it was just for me.
When she bossed me around and told me I was a bad editor, my heart skipped a beat.
I’ll cry every time I think of the eloquent way she crossed out paragraphs in my article in purple pen and told me it sucked.
But most of all, I’ll miss her talking about all her awards and accomplishments.
R.I.P. Megan DeMarco


Megan, I’ll always remember the way you were firm but kind in running the newsroom. It’s sad to say I’ll only have gotten a year to spend with you, but you’re a role model to us all and I hope to follow in your foot steps. Good luck in the future. Go out there and kick some ass in the world of journalism!


Megan DeMarco is a ruthless dictator who beats her staff and makes Intro students watch. Thank you, Megan, for bringing in treats, being a journalistic force, editing the shit out of my section, making me feel welcome in the dungeon and for yelling at Tim for being a sleaze. You will be missed.


Megan is like a Mama Flora’s pizza: she may have been cheesier than the others, but she made Signal layout a hell of a lot better. Good luck Megan!


Megan, you taught me most of what I know at The Signal — and that is as sappy as it sounds. Sometimes you edited the shit out of my pages, which made me want to kill you, but you also taught me cutouts (CUTOUTS ARE AWESOME) and you taught me how to be a better journalist. I’ll miss asking for advice and crying to you at 3 a.m. I think we should extend Final Copy Editor for the entirety of next semester…


I have never known The Signal without Megan DeMarco.
She’s ruthless, but fair.
She’s hard on the outside, soft on the inside.
She’s Megan DeMarco, she’s totally awesome.


You pissed me off frequently,
Always harassing me about not checking this and not checking that.
“Oh look! I’m Megan and I’m better than everybody in the world!”
Well guess what … you probably are. I’ll miss perfection.



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