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Wednesday December 1st

Around the Dorm

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In Week Five of Around the Dorm, Staff Writer Chris Rotolo is “The Ref.” The players, Staff Writer Krystal Spencer, Editor-in-Chief Bobby Olivier and Sports Editor Hilarey Wojtowicz, are asked whether it was right to force Reggie Bush to forfeit his Heisman Trophy, which team’s start to the 2010 season, the Buccaneers or the Cowboys, will prove to be more of a fluke, and whether Don Mattingly is the right fit as L.A. Dodgers manager.

1. The hits keep on coming for Reggie Bush. Last week the USC standout relinquished his 2005 Heisman Trophy for breaking NCAA Rules and Regulations only to suffer a fractured fibula on Monday night which will keep him off the field for the next 4-6 weeks at best. But focusing on the former, should Bush have been forced to forfeit his Heisman Trophy?

KS: I know I said in a previous AtD they should have just left him alone, but this was the only way the situation would be “settled.” He knew he was breaking the rules, and for him to think that it wouldn’t catch up to him was silly. But let’s face it, it’s not like Reggie Bush really cares. He’s still making millions, and based on any of his quotes to the press, he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. Still, I find his six-week injury hilarious and only solidifies his place in the top infamous athletes of this year.

BO: I asked a very similar question two weeks ago in AtD, and was not sure what I would have said if I was to answer it. After having some time to think about it, I do think Reggie Bush should have been forced to forfeit it, as the trophy does in fact represent more than just on-field behavior. Many will say that it does not, but unofficially, it does stand for a gold standard that players strive to achieve. Either way, nothing will erase Bush’s electric plays at USC, and although he no longer gets the prestige of returning to the ceremony every year, he still can rest easy in memories of running past defensive backs and hurdling linebackers.

HW: It’s hard not to say that the Heisman is a trophy that is based only on on-field performance, but it technically is. Reggie Bush shouldn’t have been forced to give up the trophy, the fact is he should have just given up the trophy on his own, knowing it was the respectable thing to do. He’s already facing consequences now with this injury, so it just goes to show that karma caught up to him in the end anyway. I’m not saying he didn’t do anything wrong, but he earned his Heisman because of his football skills, not because of his amazing judgment and character off the field.

CR: Bobby gets three points for essentially saying that although Bush will not be the Heisman winner on paper, he will remain as such in everyone’s mind. Krystal receives 2 and Hilarey 1.

2. At the end of the season which team’s start will prove to be more of a fluke, the Cowboys at 0-2, or The Buccaneers at 2-0?

KS: Neither! Both of these teams look on track this season. If Dallas can’t win the games against the “easy” teams like Chicago, they’ll get torn apart by the Vikings, Colts and Saints. Not to mention that

they’re in the NFC East, the toughest division in the NFL. On the other hand, Tampa Bay not only has an easier schedule/division (even with the Saints), but they just look like a better overall team this year (with the exception of their run game. I expect them to have a much better season than Dallas.

BO: The Buccaneers are 2-0 after beating the Browns and Panthers. The Cowboys have played, and lost to the Redskins and Bears. That should be your answer, but to elaborate, the Bucs haven’t beaten anyone yet and the Cowboys lost to two decent teams on the upswing, so the fluke is in Florida. The Cowboys have too much talent not to pull things together, and even if they continue to lose, Jerry Jones will simply perform a team-wide euthanasia, build robots, pay them too much money and put them on the field. Tampa hasn’t convinced me of any real promise yet, and I do not believe in Josh Freeman one bit. Sorry.

HW: The Cowboys lost to the Redskins and the Bears. The Buccaneers beat the Panthers and the Browns. I don’t think the Buccaneers can keep this up the whole season, so their start will definitely be a fluke. The Cowboys have the power to turn it around. I mean, when have the Buccaneers ever had that great of a season anyway (besides the 2002 Super Bowl)? Tampa Bay may have an easier schedule this season, but they still have to take on the Saints. The Cowboys know what they have to do in order to get back to a winning season, especially when they are in the NFC East, a tough division as it is.

CR: Bobby grabs the trifecta for explaining the obvious and ripping on the Cowboys. I like Krystal’s answer, but the NFC East has dropped off immensely and the Cowboys should rebound. Hilarey gets the last one.

3. Joe Torre is stepping down as the manger of the L.A. Dodgers and the hole is being filled by former New York Yankee’s captain Don Mattingly. Is he the right man for the job, or should L.A. have gone in another direction?

While it might be unsettling at first that Mattingly never actually appeared in a World Series during his own playing career, he still knows the game and is one of the most famous players for the Yankees. Plus, I’m glad he was able to finally take the top spot after being skipped over by his former for Girardi three years ago. Who knows, maybe he’s exactly what the Dodgers need to capture the NL title and make it to the World Series next year. Maybe. Oh, and did I mention his nickname is “The Hit Man”? ’Nough said.

BO: I do believe that Mattingly is ready to manage. He was always a smart baseball player during his time in the league, and he has now spent plenty of time as a coach in both New York and L.A., so pressure should not be a problem. I may have a small doubt about his ability to handle pitchers, because he has been on the hitting side of the game for so long, but as a Yankees fan, Donnie Baseball always has a place in my heart, and I do believe his baseball IQ is high enough to overcome that problem. He may have to come out of retirement and hit, though. The Dodgers could use another bat.

HW: The Dodgers seem to like the Yankees a lot, first with Joe Torre and now with Don Mattingly. Now that Torre is gone, Mattingly is a good fit to take over. He knows the game well and can continue to help the Dodgers move towards a title. Mattingly will definitely get the Dodgers hitting, too. “The Hit Man” will get the bats swinging in order to get the runs they need to win. Mattingly was no joke when he played for the Yankees and I think he’ll show the Dodgers a thing or two about baseball that they’ve been missing.

CR: Bobby sweeps it. Mattingly was a smart ballplayer, one of the best offensive players in the game, and even better with the glove. Donnie Baseball can definitely teach two-thirds of the game but I’m skeptical that he can work with a pitching staff. Hilarey gets two points and Krystal takes the final.

Bobby wins this week’s AtD, 9 - 5 - 4


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