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Sunday November 28th

Sequel fails to thrill

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By Tara Iauruzio

“Paranormal Activity 2” was certainly an attempt by Paramount to continue the success of last year’s low budget hit, “Paranormal Activity.” Original director Oren Peli knew when enough was enough, but the franchise inevitably wanted to expand. Thus, Tod Williams took over and simply introduced new faces to a familiar plot.

“Paranormal Activity 2” focuses on a family of four, the mother of which is the sister of the main female character in the first film. Like the first, the family begins to notice strange occurrences in their home. To no surprise, the events grow more and more severe as the film continues, ultimately ending in what is meant to be a shocking conclusion. Because of the family’s relationship to the couple in the first film, the viewer inevitably is introduced to some of the back story of “Paranormal Activity.” Instead of providing viewers with interesting details, however, the film seems to be a parasite, attempting to hold on to the original’s glory.

Because of the slow development, lack of originality, and cheesy thrills, I would not recommend seeing this film. The various cameras included, higher budget, and new direction have allowed this film to be far less effective than the first.


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