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Tuesday December 5th

Lake DiStefano

The re-recording of Taylor Swift’s “1989” is far weaker than the original (Photo courtesy of Apple Music).

OPINION: ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ is not good

The last chorus showcases what is arguably the biggest issue with the record – the ad-libs. Ad-libs are extra vocal flourishes typically added to make the sound of a chorus larger. As a record, “1989” uses these to make its songs' choruses have progression, despite the repeating lyrics. On the original songs, their choruses are always larger than the last, with each song's final chorus creating a sense of climax with its copious amounts of ad-libs.

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Horror as a genre has produced many pop-culture icons (Photo courtesy of Flickr, monstersforsale, February 22, 2018).

The history of the horror movie genre

The horror movie genre, at least the western iteration of it, is a relatively new phenomenon. Due to this modernity, it has a noticeable history that one can chart. Despite this, the origins of the genre are not common knowledge. It is often in understanding of our roots, that we can gain a deeper appreciation for what is happening in the present.

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