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Friday June 2nd

INK coffeehouse raises goosebumps, celebrates Halloween

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By Ana Lanfranchi

On Thursday evening, Oct. 25 at 8 p.m., a cozy crew of students who appreciate the arts gathered in the Travers/Wolfe Lounge to share coffee and donuts at the Halloween-themed coffeehouse hosted by the College’s very own creative writing club, INK.

The crowd was a bit meek at first, but junior history major Cynthia Walker started off the night by reading Edgar Allen Poe’s famous “The Tell-Tale Heart.” The dramatic voicing and suspenseful nature of this story was accompanied by a fellow student’s “heart beats” on guitar. This act was followed by two INK members reading one another’s original sonnets; each beautifully constructed and read with poise.

This event was well-advertised and managed to attract junior English major, Olivia Deering, who is not a member of INK. She was invited via email by the English department and said that it was her first time at any event like this at the College.“I generally like any excuse to be theatrical,” Deering said.
There were many original works read, all extremely impressive. However, if ever there was a doubt that Edgar Allen Poe’s work was not being appreciated, that doubt was most definitely put to ease.

A student expressed that he had both an original new slam and a Poe piece to read, but was only going to read his new slam. The crowd expressed a collectively regretful sigh, but was quickly drawn in by the creative performance of “Cool” which the writer said was heavily influenced by college.
Another performance was by junior history major, Jacob Cafaro. He performed an original song titled, “Diction” which was particularly impressive as it displayed both his instrumental and vocal talents.

The rest of the evening was filled with more poetry and original writings as well as a few more episodes of Poe and other famous authors. As the crowd filled in, more talent was brought to the table and the night was a huge success. A few students dabbled in the Halloween spirit and dressed up with a variety of army women and witches.


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