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Sunday December 5th

Appeal of ‘Safe Haven’

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By Lauren Santos

“Safe Haven” proves to be just that for longtime Nicholas Sparks fans. Sparks is known for writing beautiful, romantic novels with happy endings that give us hope for our own happily ever afters.
This film was filled with love, suspense, danger and more love.

It has the perfect combination of everything needed for a chick flick.

The story is based on Alex (played by Josh Duhamel), a widower, and Katie (Julianne Hough), a young woman on the run from her abusive husband. Alex learns to love again, and Katie learns to trust again. This is all with the help of loving friends and family.

Sounds like a perfect love story, right? Well, it pretty much is.

Some fans may be disappointed to see that the film left out a lot of the backstories for the characters. It spends a decent amount of time on Katie’s abusive husband. However, it doesn’t spend too much time on Alex’s past, especially on his wife, who passed away from cancer at a young age.

Instead, the film focuses on the budding relationship between Alex and Katie. This is nice for young couples who want to watch a lovey-dovey flick on Valentine’s Day and then proceed to live out their own lovey-dovey romance for the day. However, many Nicholas Sparks fans would probably prefer the film to have stayed closer to its original work.

Nevertheless, the film wasn’t too bad. It was cute and romantic, exactly what a film that is released on Valentine’s Day should be like.


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