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Monday December 6th

Coasta and Static Jacks ecstatic at the Rat

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By Albert Cavallaro

Rock bands Coasta and Static Jacks performed at the Rathskeller last Friday, Sept. 20, and what a glorious performance it was. There was only a small crowd present, but that did not stop either band from creating truly memorable sets as they strummed their guitars in ecstasy to the onlookers’ approval.

The opening set was performed by Long Island-based Coasta. The band was low on members during this show, represented solely by its guitarist and singer/songwriter Jamey Lacey. Lacey did an acoustic set with several notable songs, including “Sirens,” “Toothy” and “Slide.”

For those interested, Coasta does have an EP out titled “Sunzal,” the name of a beach in El Salvador and one of the songs on the album.

After Lacey, headliner the Static Jacks performed. Hailing from Westfield, N.J. the Static Jacks proceeded to rock the house with music that could only accurately be described as post-punk revival.

Junior marketing major Garrett Verdone, who went to high school with several members of the group, acted as their own hype man.

“There’s nothing not to love about the Static Jacks,” Verdone said of the band.

The band, while playing several songs from their 2011 debut album “If You’re Young,” played much of their set using previously unreleased material. However, they did not forgo their old songs completely. They found time to lay old favorites, such as “I’ll Come Back,” “Wall Flowers” and “This Is Me Dancing.” Still, the audience was able to hear unreleased material that will appear on their upcoming album.

While representing two vastly different genres of music, Lacey of Coasta and the Static Jacks put on a fantastic show that received as much applause as the small audience could give.


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