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Sunday December 5th

‘Iron Man’ sequel is nothing to marvel at

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Over the summer, there were a number of blockbuster hits that smashed box office records. The highest grossing film so far this year is “Iron Man 3.” The third installment of the “Iron Man” series definitely takes on a different tone and look than the two films that came before it.

In this film, the famous Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., finds himself stripped of everything and torn apart from his normal life after a terrorist, played by Ben Kingsley, targets him. Once taken away from everything, Stark embarks on a personal and physical odyssey in order to save himself, his capabilities and the nation.

I am definitely a fan of the first two “Iron Man” movies and I certainly liked the third installment. The best parts of “Iron Man 3” are probably the graphics and special effects. All of the recent Marvel pictures have included very impressive effects, and this one undoubtedly stepped up to the plate.

While these were definitely the greatest aspects of “Iron Man 3,” its cast was also impressive. Robert Downey Jr. is, without a doubt, the standout in this film for obvious reasons. However, I think it is just as impressive that he has been able to continue portraying Tony Stark so consistently and so well in each of the “Iron Man” movies, as well as in “The Avengers.” Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle and Guy Pearce also starred in “Iron Man 3” and they all demonstrated their acting abilities.

While I did enjoy this movie as I was watching it, I feel that it is pretty forgettable. I feel this way about almost all of the superhero and other Marvel movies that have been coming out recently.

“Iron Man 3” definitely gives its audience a lot with its great graphics, plot twists, action and some witty dialogue. However, it fails to have much of a lasting impact on its audience after initially watching it.

In the end, “Iron Man 3” is, without a doubt, an entertaining and exciting film that is worth checking out, but you just might not remember much about it a few weeks later.


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