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Sunday December 5th

Acoustic action from Deeghan and Icarus

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By Sloan Seiler

The lights were low as small groups of friends gathered to relax, socialize and listen to an array of music at the Rathskeller last Tuesday, Oct. 8.

Singer/songwriter Jimmie Deeghan and acoustic band The Icarus Account played an enjoyable, low-key show.

Jimmie Deeghan displayed a selection of country music. His first song, “Cigarette,” was a playful and upbeat piece with classic country undertones.

“I’m burning down the dream like a cigarette / I’m burning down the dream until there’s nothing left,” Deeghan crooned in the song’s chorus.

Next, Deeghan decided to soften the mood with several bittersweet songs including “Home River Blues,” “Good Men” and “Sad and Blue.”

He also performed a cover of “Miss Chicago,” a well-known love song by alternative-country singer Ryan Adams.

Following Deeghan’s set, The Icarus Account, an acoustic band of two twins from Florida, took the stage and showed off their talent.

“I Wanna Grow Old With You” by Adam Sandler was Ty and Trey Turners’ first selection, a piece popularized by the movie “The Wedding Singer.”

Next they played one of their own compositions, “Yellow Shirt.”

“I love them. I think they are adorable,” freshman computer science major Angela Huang said of the group.

The Turner brothers’ performance was also enhanced by comedic and inspiring stories about the creation of each song.

For example, “Too Young” was written about Trey’s ex-girlfriend, but his wife believes it was actually written for her and considers it her favorite song. Another piece, “I Love You Always,” was written for Trey’s wife during his parent’s divorce to remind her that no matter what, he will always love her.

“Proud,” which was written during the Turner brothers’ first two weeks of college before they dropped out to pursue their musical career, poignantly described how parents take pride in their children.

In addition to their compositions, they performed two cover songs: “Burn” by Usher and “I Just Want You to Know Who I Am” by the Goo Goo Dolls.

“I really liked (the performances) and thought they were fun,” freshman interactive multimedia major Erin Kramer said.

Both performances from Deeghan and the Icarus Account made for an engaging and enjoyable night.


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