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Sunday December 5th

‘Pretty Little Liars’ spin-off series earns an ‘A’

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Teenage girls everywhere tuned in on Tuesday, Oct. 22 as ABC Family aired “Grave New World,” the third Halloween special for “Pretty Little Liars.”

This episode marked the halfway point of season four and introduced a new show, “Ravenswood,” which features Hanna Marin’s very own man candy, Caleb Rivers.

This particular “Pretty Little Liars” episode took place in Ravenswood, a rather spooky and chilling town not too far from the girl’s hometown of Rosewood.

Throughout the episode, the “Liars” were on a mission to get to their friend Alison before “A” got to her.

Although there were many clues that hinted to Alison still being alive, it was surreal for the girls to see her. After all, they had attended her funeral years ago.

The episode also shed a light on Miranda Collins. Caleb meets her on a bus to Ravenswood and they start to get friendly — maybe a little too friendly for a guy with a girlfriend.

They both share a foster home background. In fact, Miranda is going to Ravenswood in hopes of meeting her uncle, her only living relative.

Caleb and Miranda do go their separate ways once they arrive in Ravenswood but are reunited again later with Hanna.

Hanna is very eager to return to Rosewood with her friends. She tells Caleb he must stay in Ravenswood with a new character, Miranda, and help her.

The couple shares their last kiss for a while and Hanna leaves Ravenswood. Fingers crossed, this won’t mean a split for Hanna and Caleb!

All in all, the “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween special did a tip-top job of setting the scene for the new hit show, “Ravenswood,” but it most definitely failed to beat last year’s episode featuring the Halloween Train. After all, Aria almost died.

This episode featured mostly only the girls, Caleb, Miranda, a little bit of Ezra and, of course, Alison. The episodes are better when all the characters are there. Seriously, how’s Toby, Hanna’s mom or Mona? The girls need to stay in Rosewood. No more field trips to other towns.

Don’t fret, though — “Ravenswood” is here. Spin-off shows usually can’t compare to the original, but “Ravenswood” is a close contender. With more of a mystery component than “Pretty Little Liars,” this show will give you goosebumps and keep you on the edge of your seat.

This new series focuses on five teenagers. Caleb and Miranda are two of them. Also, siblings Luke and Olivia, whose mother is thought to have murdered their father, are two others. In addition, the show introduces Remy, Luke’s girlfriend, who works at the newspaper, The Ravenswood Gazette.

Together these teens find themselves at the center of a curse. In Ravenswood there have been several strange occurrences in which five teenagers die as a soldier returns home to Ravenswood.

This wouldn’t be a problem if Remy’s mother hadn’t just returned from Afghanistan.

To make things worse, by the end of the premiere episode, Remy, Caleb, Miranda, Luke and Olivia are all in a car that swerves off a bridge and into a body of water.

Now, it wouldn’t be much of a show if all the main characters died in the very first episode. I’ll let you know they’re all in the second episode, but let’s just say not all of them are physically alive. Creepy, right?

All in all, “Ravenswood” is most definitely a good watch. Unlike “Pretty Little Liars,” which is geared toward a more female audience, “Ravenswood” might even get some attention from the male population.

It also shows how much Caleb has grown in the past couple of years. He went from sleeping in Hanna’s basement to a main character in “Ravenswood.” Furthermore, Hanna is set to appear on the fifth episode of “Ravenswood,” and there is talk of crossover episodes between the two shows.


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