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Sunday December 5th

Stay Hostage Calm and carry on at the Rat

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By Frank Parisi

Hostage Calm completely stole the show on Friday, Nov. 15, getting everyone at the Rathskeller to rush to the stage.

As their beats shook the room, the punk rock band from Connecticut fed off the crowd’s energy. Everyone began to clap and sing along to the songs from their newest album, “Please Remain Calm.”

Members of Hostage Calm simultaneously bobbed their heads to the beat and jumped around to keep the crowd going.

“That’s all I’ve ever known,” lead vocalist Christ “Cmar” Martin said about the energy he brought to the stage. He explained how he learned his stage enthusiasm from two key musical inspirations: Bruce Springsteen and The Clash.

The band just got back from touring the United States and Canada with popular emo band Saves the Day.

Although Hostage Calm had an amazing time on tour, Martin said he still has “a good relationship with Jersey” and always has a great time playing in the state.

Restorations performed before Hostage Calm and did an amazing job as well, playing behind lead singer Jon Loudon.

Loudon worked the crowd and got everyone excited by playing some of the band’s new songs from their latest album, “LP2.”

The band, originally from Philadelphia, has been together for six years and just came back from touring the United States as well. Some of their most notable shows were played in Seattle, Dallas, Denver and Gainsville.

“Gainsville was a music festival,” Loudon said. He then looked at a fellow bandmate with a big smirk on his face and said, “It was just crazy.”

Restorations seemed to have a lot of fun together, and they also had a strong appreciation for their New Jersey fans.

The Dundees, a local band from the College, opened up with five songs that got students ready for the two headliners. The band has played at the Rat before and is well-known for their basement shows.

“I just love them all,” said senior graphic design major Mallory Guzzi, a fan of fellow bands such as Saves the Day.

Students came out to listen to the music of the three bands and finish off a stressful week of school — no one seemed disappointed.

“We just needed music,” freshman open options major Ruby Bertola said. She has already seen the Dundees once before at the Rat and enjoyed their performance on Friday.


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