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Sunday September 25th

Cate Blanchett shines in ‘Blue Jasmine’

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This year has been a pretty strong year for film. With the Academy Awards coming up in March, there are a number of movies that are getting a lot of buzz as potential winners. One of these films is Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine.” This film is nominated for three Oscars: Best Actress for Cate Blanchett, Best Supporting Actress for Sally Hawkins and Best Original Screenplay. With its three very well-deserved nominations, “Blue Jasmine” certainly delivers as a great story of rise and demise.

Great co-star chemistry and progressive storyline could land an Oscar. (AP Photo)

This film follows Jasmine, a greatly troubled New York socialite who loses everything after her husband is arrested for fraud and moves to San Francisco to live with her sister, Ginger.

During her time in San Francisco, Jasmine continues to try to cling onto any part of her previous life that she can. While she tries this, she also continuously brings down and passes judgment on everyone else around her. Ultimately, as Jasmine tries to find herself in her new life, her sister works to find herself a better life as well.

Throughout “Blue Jasmine,” I could not help myself from becoming totally engaged in Blanchett’s performance. Her portrayal and execution of her role was possibly one of the best and most convincing I have seen from an actress in a long time.

Blanchett was able to take the dialogue and scenes to a whole new level with her impeccable timing, mannerisms and overall tone.

While Blanchett gave an amazing performance in “Blue Jasmine,” her co-star, Sally Hawkins, was also spectacular as Ginger. There was great chemistry between the two actresses, which they were able to build upon throughout the film to help develop their characters.

While the performances in “Blue Jasmine” were really impressive, the writing was extremely noteworthy as well. Setting aside controversies surrounding Woody Allen, his original screenplay for this film was truly a standout. The storyline was very dynamic and able to include a number of important and quite relevant messages that other screenwriters may not have been capable of doing.

In the end, I have no doubts that “Blue Jasmine” is going to be a popular film at the Academy Awards. Cate Blanchett is almost undoubtedly going to receive her second Oscar for her performance in this movie. I would definitely recommend watching “Blue Jasmine” with its smart script and stellar cast.


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