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Wednesday September 28th

‘Big Hero 6’ contains Disney magic for all ages

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By Kayla Whittle
Staff Writer

Disney’s latest animated feature “Big Hero 6” doesn’t have princesses or fairy tales. Instead, five superhero geniuses and one very loveable robot take over the big screen. Much about the story was a mystery before it entered theaters on Friday, Nov. 7, but it’s set to become a big success and a hit among Disney lovers and audiences of all ages.

The film is laden with action, emotional turmoil and perfect comedic timing. There are fantastic fight scenes where the superheroes learn how to work together and test out the equipment they cobbled together in their laboratory. Each genius has a different specialty: chemist Honey Lemon concocts chemical bombs and runt of the group Hiro Hamada creates amazing robots. You’ll need to watch the film to see the other amazing things the scientists make.

As with any Disney film, audiences had better be prepared for a few tissues. The crew experiences hardships and setbacks, particularly after tragedy strikes and fuels the bulk of the film. Thankfully, lighthearted moments keep the movie from ever getting too depressing.

The one who truly steals the show is Baymax, the adorable robot created by Hiro’s older brother, Tadashi, to fix injuries. Whenever the movie verges on seeming too serious and possibly cheesy, the comedy comes in to save the day. Baymax is the main focus of the jokes, as the robot doesn’t understand the intricacies of human life. Fred, another member of the team, is also a great contributor to the humor, as his fanboy attitude and enthusiasm make up for his lack of intellectual creations to the group.

Baymax, an adorable robot, steals the film with charm and humor. (AP Photo)

The fantastical setting of San Fransokyo only adds to the amazing visuals created by the characters. Elements of Tokyo and San Francisco are combined to create an entirely innovative cityscape for the characters to live in — and accidentally destroy — when crime-fighting gets more intense.

While the movie does take a while to walk the audience through the backstory that leads to the movie’s true plot, that may be the only fault in the film. The characters are likable, and with the attention paid to Baymax, are sure to cause a lasting sensation among fans. The animation is great. There are some lines and images that will be remembered for ages to come and possibly become very quotable. Even the new short film, “Feast,” which made its debut before the movie, is sure to become a new Disney hit.

If you’re even considering watching this movie, or even if you never thought that you would sit down to watch it, “Big Hero 6” is one that you shouldn’t miss. The film has a little something for everyone and is an instant classic.


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