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Friday April 19th

Students share creative works during reading series

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By Rachel Anton

INK, the College’s creative writing organization, gives its members a chance to explore their passions by crafting, presenting and discussing their own short stories, poems and more. One of the clubs most popular events is its Student Reading Series, in which three students are hand-selected to read their work in front of an audience.

Students packed the Library Auditorium to watch their peers in this event on Tuesday, March 31. For the first student reading series of the spring semester, Andrew Edelblum, Daniella Bruno-Arlequin and Michele Lesniak were the three readers selected from a pool of applicants to recite their poems. Everyone in the audience was captivated by each of their writing craft by offering rounds of applause and hilarity. The atmosphere of the auditorium was enveloped with innovative vibes giving way for the most sublime imagination.

Bruno-Arlequin performs beautiful poetry in her own style. (Heiner Fallas / Staff Photographer)

Edelblum started off the night with his encapsulating poetry. Kira DeSomma described Edelblum’s personality as one that does not need to be explained but experienced. Edelblum’s humble and charismatic presence was reflected his poetry. He read five of his poems, including “MyFavorite Green Dinosaur,” “Breakups and Sitcoms,” “Walking the Dog,” “Weightless in Montauk” and “OK Cupid.” Edelblum verbalized that Jim Halpert of the television sitcom, “The Office,” inspired him to write “Breakups and sitcoms.” This poem was compiled of lines that most everyone could relate to at one point or another. He flowingly expressed that “predictability is comforting but our lives don’t work that way.” His tone was slow-paced at times then suddenly exuberant, successfully compelling the audience to want to know more about his life. Edelblum’s fourth poem, “Weightless in Montauk,” gave the audience a glimpse of his adventurous life. Lines like “the illusion of progress” and “marveling how (the sky) goes on forever, marveling how we go on forever” invited the audience to understand the inner workings of his mind.

The succeeding female poets included the striking Bruno-Arlequin and the lovely Lesniak. Bruno-Arlequin was clad in a black dress with rose patterns and wore matching fishnet stockings and gloves when she took the stage. Her most recent poem contains entrancing lines like “I am rough granite that refuses to yield to the rough waters” and “I am rough edges, there is not a round on me.” This poem is untitled, however, and she proclaimed that she is open for recommendations.

Edelblum’s charismatic prescence is reflected in his creative work. (Heiner Fallas / Staff Photographer)

Lesniak wore a bashful smile to match her thoughtful delivery. Her first poem, “Heatwave,” transported the audience to a familiar summer haze that many are longing to feel again. Lesniak’s inspiration comes from photographs, music and memories, all of which are evident in her poems. She draws a metaphor for the audience when she says, “I counted the sweat drops like shooting stars.” Her writing suggests that she has a keen observation of her surroundings and the events and people that affect her life.

With substantial efforts by INK’s executive board, including President Carly DaSilva, the last night in March was a tremendous success.

If you are interested in recommending Bruno-Arlequin a title for her poem or to write with the creative inklings, find your way to the Bliss Hall Lounge at 3 p.m. where INK meets every Wednesday.


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