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Sunday September 25th

‘Invincible’ excites avid readers with storyline

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By Andrew Street
Staff Writer

“Invincible,” the comic by “Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman, has continually remained a staple in my monthly comic line-up. Month after month, Kirkman has delivered countless story arcs that triumph over traditional superhero storytelling. Now, after establishing a jumping-on point for newcomers, “Invincible” is back to reward its avid readers with more gripping adventures in the 123rd issue, the latest release of the comic.

Like every other issue of “Invincible,” we are once again treated with stunning art. Lead artist Ryan Ottley has created a trademark style with “Invincible,” and has continued to improve upon it with each issue. Characters look stunning and penned to perfection, while the alien environments are packed with vibrant colors and lush detail. It is difficult while reading the comic not to hesitate on each page and appreciate the work that has gone into crafting each panel.

“Invincible” recently celebrated its 100th issue. As such, the last dozen issues of the comic have been focused on developing a perfect point for newcomers to pick up the comic and jump into the “Invincible” world. The latest issue, however, marks a return to major plot lines that is sure to please regular readers.

Without entering spoiler territory, the latest release of the comic focuses on Mark (Invincible), his wife, Eve, and their daughter as they struggle to settle into their new lives on an alien planet. With Mark focused on assisting in planetary protection, Eve is left to care for their child alone. The development between these two has always been one the brightest points of the series.

Mark and Eve have both proven to be multifaceted, complex characters. It is a pleasure to see their relationship grow with each issue. Despite their surreal setting in outer space, they have become dynamic, relatable characters that add a layer of connection between the comic and its readers.

Kirkman’s signature seems to be ending an issue right at the perfect moment. This month’s issue is no different. In fact, it’s one of the most intriguing endings I have seen as of late.

“Invincible” is truly something special. It is perhaps one the best comics out right now because of its stunning artwork and compelling storytelling. Over the years, “Invincible” has managed to deliver some of the best superhero stories within the comic book industry. Issue 123 is no exception to this rule.

While the story may have slowed down for a few issues, things are finally picking back up. Comic book creator Kirkman is back to delivering what we have come to expect from the series. Whether you’re a comic fan or not, “Invincible” is a complex, emotional and all around awesome experience that everyone should try out at least once.


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