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Sunday September 25th

Fantasy Football: Golden Tate worth the risk

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By Sean Reis

I hope everyone enjoyed their break! For Week Seven, I have suggested the minimum players at each position below, but as usual, I also suggest drafting Matt Ryan, Chris Ivory or Kamar Aiken, depending on your weekly budgeting. Good luck!


Carson Palmer ($6,700) — Although Palmer had a rough rating last week, throwing more interceptions than touchdowns against Pittsburg, he still threw for over 400 yards against a defense that was reminiscent of “The Steel Curtain” of the 1970’s, and I like him in Week Seven. Palmer is only $6,700 and will be playing one of the worst defenses against the pass this season (Baltimore Ravens) at home so I highly recommend drafting him.

Running Backs:

Justin Forsett ($6,100) — In Week Four, the Justin Forsett from 2014 returned. And in the weeks that followed, he has stayed consistent in his play for the Baltimore Ravens, proving himself to be a safe pick this season and justifying his price increase. At $6,100, Forsett’s price is slightly above average, but he is by far the safest Week Seven running back for the price.

Danny Woodhead ($4,600) — Woodhead is one of the most underrated running backs this season, averaging over four receptions per game with consistent yards as well. With his San Diego Chargers having a decent matchup in Week Seven against Oakland at home, I like Woodhead’s very cheap price for his very high upside.

Wide Receivers:

Julian Edelman ($8,200) — A top five wide receiver this season, Edelman has been the go-to target, next to Rob Gronkowski, for Tom Brady, so even at an expensive price, you cannot go wrong with Edelman, especially against a rival (New York Jets) at home.

Larry Fitzgerald ($7,400) — It is safe to say Palmer revived Fitzgerald’s career this season, since Fitzgerald is now ranking in the top five wide receivers in 2015 so far. At $7,400, he is definitely tough to trust after Michael Floyd was in the spotlight this past week, but if you trust Palmer, trust Fitzgerald.

Golden Tate ($5,200) — Tate is another tough to trust wide receiver, but only because he is on a team even harder to trust. In reality, Tate has been relatively consistent all season, and although he is a risk, he will likely see targets in the endzone in Week Seven and I like his chances with seeing a touchdown as well.

Tight End:

Charles Clay ($4,300) — Being streamed worldwide by Yahoo Sports across the pond in London, England, Clay and the Buffalo Bills will be in an interesting matchup against Jacksonville in Week Seven. And with Week Seven being a tough week for tight ends, I like Clay’s chances to see targets on the worldwide stage.


Buffalo Bills ($3,100) — I previously mentioned how Buffalo will be playing against Jacksonville in London this weekend and although their defense has been inconsistent, Buffalo is in a good matchup against an even more consistent team this week. At $3,100, Buffalo is the way to go.


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