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Thursday October 6th

Fantasy Football: Williams a top pick again

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By Sean Reis

For Week Nine, as per usual, I have suggested the minimum players at each position below, but also suggest drafting Matt Ryan, Darren McFadden or Rueben Randle, depending on your weekly budgeting. Good luck!


Eli Manning ($6,900) — Prior to the shootout season the team is experiencing, Odell Beckham Jr. said that the New York Giants’ offense was on the verge of exploding — he was right. The Week Eight offensive production from the Giants was what fans expected before the season and I predict it will continue in Tampa Bay this week. Manning will lead the team to the end zone all game long.

Running Backs:

Devonta Freeman ($8,000) — The Atlanta Falcons, surprisingly, struggled this past week, yet Freeman had nearly 20 fantasy points, which shows how much the offense is depending on their feature back. The Falcons have an OK matchup in San Francisco this week, but I think Freeman is worth $8,000 knowing he will return with points.

DeAngelo Williams ($5,500) — Le’Veon Bell is expected to miss the rest of the season with a torn MCL, making Williams the starter. At $5,500, it is a somewhat risky pick, but at the start of the season when Bell was out, Williams ran the ball well and I would be shocked if that trend did not continue.

Wide Receivers:

Keenan Allen ($7,700) — In my opinion, Allen is a top five receiver this season, especially in points per run formats, and at $7,700 he is not nearly as expensive as the very top receivers. Allen is a safe first wide receiver pick for Week Nine, at home against a struggling Chicago defense.

Stefon Diggs ($5,300) — I have no idea where this kid came from, but if he continues to produce these stats, Diggs will be one of the league’s premier receivers. Diggs is yet to score a touchdown at home and I bet he gives the Minnesota fans a touchdown celebration in the upcoming week.

Rishard Matthews ($4,500) — Since the Miami Dolphins’ bye week, Matthews has had double digit fantasy points every week, including last week, when the Dolphins were absolutely destroyed by the New England Patriots. At $4,500, I trust Matthews to continue the double digit trend in a Week Nine divisional matchup.

Tight End:

Gary Barnidge ($4,800) — “Barney” emerged out of nowhere four weeks ago and ever since he has been one of the best in the league, yet his price has barely increased so… draft him!


New York Jets ($3,100) — The New York Jets’ defense struggled last week, but this week they are at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Need I say more?


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