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Wednesday December 1st

Around the Dorm 4/6: Stephen Curry, NFL Draft and MLB Season

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In this week’s edition of Around the Dorm, the “Ref,” Otto Gomez, asks our panel of experts three questions: Where does Steph Curry stand historically after this season? Who will be the top picks in the upcoming NFL Draft and what team will step up in MLB during the 2016 season?

1. How does Steph Curry’s season and career stack up historically after another record-breaking year?

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George: Curry has basically cemented himself in basketball history. Right now, he’s got the most three-pointers in a single season in the history of the NBA. And the second most three-pointers in a season in 2014-2015. And the third most in 2012-2013. The only player who can beat Curry is, well, Curry. In 10 years, there will probably be a “Space Jam” reboot starring Curry. Twenty years from now, collectors will be on the lookout for Steph Curry basketball cards. Ten years later, with earth’s resources minimal, President Curry will face a roided Emperor Putin II in a one-on-one shootout to prevent WWIII. The Game to End All Games. Curry will win, of course, but it won’t be enough. The nukes are launched. In 2000 years, a scavenger finds buried beneath the ash, a play-by-play of the game. Worshippers flock to what will be known as the Holy Bible of Curry. Curryists practice the Sacrament of the Holy Three-pointer: “Peace for all, Love for all, Basketball for all.”

Sean: While it may not be fair to compare Curry to players of the past, it is necessary because today’s players will still go down in history with the greats. LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Curry — these are talented players who should not be forgotten. Especially Curry with the shot because “Chef Curry with the pot” has cooked up quite the career. As of Sunday, April 3, Curry has made 369 three-pointers this season and for the greatest shooter of all time to surpass 400 is not off the table yet. Yes, you read that right, I called Curry the greatest shooter of all time. A bold statement, but Curry has not only set the record (for the third time) — but this time, Curry shattered the record like Shaq and a backboard. Before Curry first broke the record, Ray Allen and Dennis Scott were the top two with 269 and 267 three-pointers made, respectively. With 100 more three-pointers made and still counting, I no longer doubt that Curry’s career will stack up historically as the greatest shooter of all time.

Sydney: I’m rooting for Curry all the way, and I think he’s already measuring up with the LeBrons and Kobes of the NBA. He put forth an excellent performance this season and throughout his career and is widely considered one of the best shooters in basketball history. Curry is the first player in NBA history with 300 threes in a season. Now, with a championship under his belt, Curry’s is on the path to becoming one of basketball’s all-time greats. Next season’s showing should speak volumes about his future career, but I think it’s already safe to say that we can continue to expect great things from the Warrior.

Sydney gets 3 points for future growth. Sean gets 2 point because Curry is a whole lot more than just a shooter and George gets 1 point because Ball is Life, always.

2. Who are your projected top three picks in the upcoming NFL Draft?

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George: Tennessee is going to go for offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil. The Titans need someone to keep Marcus Mariota safe in the pocket and Tunsil would do an excellent job. He would also pair well with left tackle Taylor Lewan. No. 2 overall will be quarterback Carson Wentz. After sacking Johnny Manziel, the Browns are going to need another young quarterback (QB) to fill the void, and Wentz is the best choice. The guy’s arm is NFL-level strong, which is something a pro QB needs. Jalen Ramsey will go next, assuming the Titans don’t get him first. He’s certainly got the skill — in three years he was a three-time All-American, broke up 23 passes and intercepted three more, forced three fumbles and recorded five sacks.

Sean: “With the first pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans select,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will read. “Laremy Tunsil, offensive tackle, University of Mississippi.” Tennessee needs a top tier tackle to protect their franchise quarterback, Mariota, because that kid got beat week after week last season. “With the second pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select Jared Goff, quarterback, University of California, Berkeley.” Definitely a toss up between Goff and Wentz, the other top QB in the draft. For whatever reason, my gut here is telling me Goff, though, but whoever Cleveland drafts will do well. These two kids are smart, literally the opposite of “Johnny Football” and I like both. “And with the third pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the San Diego Chargers select Joey Bosa, defensive end, The Ohio State University.” Lastly, San Diego will likely be the first team to pick defensively for the draft and it is obvious because Bosa is a BEAST!

Sydney: It might seem like I’m jumping on the bandwagon by picking Ole Miss’s Tunsil as the top pick, but he’s No. 1 in the polls for a reason. Tunsil has ideal height and bulk for the left tackle position and he is explosive in the passing game. For the No. 2 pick, I’m going with Florida State’s Ramsey. He has the perfect combination of aggression and ball-handling skills to really make his mark during games. He’s also proven to keep his cool in high-pressure situations. His versatility suits him for the safety position and I’m excited to see his performance. Finally, I’m rooting for Ohio State’s running back Ezekiel Elliott. Once he finds his momentum, there’s no stopping this 6-foot, 225-pound machine.

George gets 3 points for noting the current favorites, as much as I don’t like them. Sean gets 3 points for including Joey Bosa and Sydney gets 1 point because the Browns need a QB.

3. With the baseball season getting underway, what is your bold prediction for the season?

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George: I want the Chicago Cubs to win a World Series. Here’s a list of things that have happened since they last won in 1907. Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska and Hawaii joined the Union. The Arizona Diamondbacks were created and won a World Series. The U.S. won two world wars and a Cold War. Leninist communism was conceived, tested and then fell apart. The Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Ottoman Empire were destroyed. It’s not like they’re talentless. They got to the National League (NL) Championship last year. If Chicago doesn’t win a World Series in the next 22 years, their losing streak will have lasted for half of America’s existence. But hopefully that won’t happen.

Sean: I am going to keep this short and sweet like that Skoal Xtra Rich Blend chewing tobacco that the players can’t even pack inside the New York stadiums anymore! My bold prediction for the 2016 season is that the Cubs will win the World Series. Chicago looked great last season until the New York Mets dominated them in the NL Championship and to be quite honest, I have to predict that the Cubs will land back on their paws this season. Chicago’s best lineup in decades is looking even better and more experienced this year: Ben Zobrist, Anthony Rizzo, Kyle Schwarber, alongside one of the best outfields in the league with Dexter Fowler, Jason Heyward and Jorge Soler, plus an improved bullpen. That lineup is about to finally lift the city’s curse.

Sydney: The Cubs are going to win it all. It’s certainly a bold prediction to root for the longtime losers to go all the way. The team hasn’t won a World Series in the last 107 years or even appeared in one in the last 71. Last season, though, the Cubs showed a new side. With one of the MLB’s youngest squads, the team won 97 games before falling in the league championship round of the postseason. The Atlantic wrote that a Cub’s World Series win in 2016 would “further solidify the sport’s new doctrine, one that values flexibility over outdated brawn,” and I couldn’t agree more. With the addition of players such as Heyward, who arguably plays the best right field in baseball, and Zobrist, World Series, the Cubs are my pick.

George, Sean and Sydney all get 2 points for picking the odds-on favorite on the season and not a bold pick.

Sean wins Around the Dorm 7-6-6.


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