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Sunday November 28th

Pentatonix members release new music

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By Julia Dzurillay
Staff Writer

The newest pop superstars are finally bursting into the trending music scene, full of color and flavor.

Superfruit –– what began as a YouTube channel –– has became the name of a band consisting of Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi from the acapella group, Pentatonix. After one member of the Grammy Award-winning quintet took a step back from the spotlight, Hoying and Grassi decided to take their internet presence to the next level.

Because their YouTube channel has gained so much popularity, with over two million subscribers, the boys have shifted gears this spring –– instead of releasing Q&A or challenge videos each week as they had done previously, the boys have begun to use their channel to release new singles, medleys and covers. They also released their epic album, “Future Friends,” in June. The name “Superfruit,” which started out as the name of their YouTube channel, soon became their band name as well.

Though Grassi and Hoying continue to make music with Pentatonix, “Future Friends” is a departure from Pentatonix’s signature acapella sound. Although both the artists behind Superfruit and Pentatonix push musical boundaries, Grassi and Hoying use their original lyrics, as well as instruments, to take Superfruit in a completely different direction.

The first half of “Future Friends,” released in June, introduces bold themes that help reimagine the group’s aesthetic. By com

Grassi and Hoying kick off their independent musical journey as Superfruit. (RCA Records)

bining vintage guitar riffs and trending harmonies used by bands like Oh Wonder, “Future Friends” gives off a nostalgic feel, while still keeping its own fresh and innovative style.


As the summer has progressed, Hoying and Grassi have released music videos for each of their new tracks that feature famous dancers, ’90s sleepovers and heart-shaped jackets.

Each video features a kaleidoscope of colors, people and props that together weave the stories of the songs together.

In the video for “Heartthrob,” the two boys lament over their favorite celebrity crushes, complete with lip-shaped phones, posters of John Stamos and bright pink nail polish. Their video for “Worth It (Perfect)” features two lovers who dance through all their troubles.

Perhaps the most memorable song on the album, “Imaginary Parties,” is unlike anything else in the music scene currently. With sensual lyrics and background noises, Superfruit curated the perfect combination of electronic, funky and satisfying sounds for their listeners, with a vibrant and fashion-forward music video to match.

These two refreshed faces are perfect for a twist in your typical pop music. Whether you’re driving to the beach or driving to the supermarket, Superfruit has some of the freshest, juiciest songs of 2017 to jam to –– but that’s not all. Superfruit’s self-proclaimed “super music” is set to give listeners two heaping doses of pop singles. “Future Friends: Part 2” is set to be released on Sept. 15, so get ready for even more dance anthems from this dynamic duo.


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