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Tuesday May 30th

Tennis team dominates, remains uncontested

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By Miguel Gonzalez
Photo Editor

The men’s and women’s tennis teams blazed through their opponents’ plays this past weekend. The men’s team outdueled Salisbury University 5-4 on Saturday, March 9 at the Hopewell Tennis Club in Hopewell, New Jersey. Meanwhile, the women’s team defeated its Salisbury counterpart 7-2.

The women finished off the weekend with a resounding 7-2 victory against Wellesley College at home on Sunday, March 10. Salisbury proved to be a fierce adversary for the men’s tennis team. With all three doubles matches determined by a tie breaker, only one Lions squad prevailed. Junior Thomas Wright and senior Mitchel Sanders snatched a 8-7 win against Salisbury juniors Alec Angradi and Matthew Ryan.

The Lions roared back during the singles competition, winning four out of six matches. Sanders started off with a 6-1 win against Angradi, freshman Matthew Michibata lost his match 6-4 and freshman Justin Wain followed up with a 7-5 victory against Salisbury junior Colt Williamson. Senior Tim Gavornik kept the winning momentum by defeating Salisbury sophmore Stefan Hein, 6-3.

Minassian keeps the volley to help sweep doubles (Photo courtesy of the Sports Information Desk).

Afterwards, senior Matt Puig endured a 7-5 loss to Salisbury senior Kelson Weber, 7-5. Despite the setback, Wright outlasted Ryan, winning 6-3 and clinching the team’s victory. While the men battled Salisbury, the women broke no sweat in the battle against their opponents.

The Lions swept Salisbury in the doubles competition. Freshmen Liya Davidov and Katrine Luddy set the tone when they dominated Salisbury junior Annika Kezman and sophomore Sydney Soto 8-0. Freshmen Navya Yemula and Sarah Phung followed up with an 8-3 win against Salisbury senior Taylor Cooper and freshman Sarah Dover.

Seniors Grace Minassian and Alyssa Baldi also claimed an 8-3 victory against Salisbury sophomore Laura Brown and junior Jordan Schaefer.

Salisbury was no match for the Lions in the singles competition. Davidov performed well against Kezman and won 8-0. Baldi fought set-to-set against Brown and prevailed during the tiebreaker 7-1. After junior Audrey Chen and Phung dropped their matches, Yemula put the Lions back on track with a 6-1 win against Schaefer.

Freshman Julia Yoon closed off the Lions’ victory and blew past Salisbury senior Shannon Hickman, 6-0. On Sunday, the women’s team continued its winning streak against Wellesley College in the Recreation Center.

In the doubles, the Lions were initially behind when Davidov and Luddy lost against Wellesley senior Justine Huang and junior Selina Peng 8-3. The Lions immediately bounced back when Yemula and Phung defeated Wellesley freshman Michelle Shen and senior Rosanne Hu 8-5.

Baldi and Minassian then secured the second doubles victory 8-6 against Wellesley freshmen Michaela Markwart and Libby Chang.

The Lions barrelled past Wellesley in the singles as well. Davidov defeated Huang 6-2. Minassian then marked her win against Markwart by a score of 6-3. Luddy kept the Lions’ momentum going when she outlasted Shen in a 6-2 tiebreaker victory.

Baldi also claimed her victory off of a 6-3 tiebreaker, against Peng. Wellesley broke the Lions winning streak when Chang and senior Sojin Ki defeated Yemula and Yoon respectively.

After a week of wins, the men’s and women’s teams face upcoming challenges against nationally ranked foes. Both teams will go on to compete against New York University at the Recreation Center on Saturday, March 16.


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