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Saturday June 15th

'Love Alarm' thrills audience with distinct plot

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By Amani Salahudeen
Staff Writer

If you’re into Korean dramas or in the mood to try something new, I’d recommend “Love Alarm,” which Netflix released on Aug. 22. First-time director Lee Na-Jeong specifically emphasized keeping an American audience in mind to draw in viewers across the globe. 

“Love Alarm” is a comedy-drama series in a high school setting, with elements of sci-fi weaved throughout. In the show, people who download the “Love Alarm” app are notified if someone nearby is romantically interested in them through text alerts, but it only works if both people have downloaded the app.

The show, which follows characters as they use the app through the ups and downs of their lives, is only on season 1, and it already has eight intense episodes with an outstanding cast and surprises that will keep you hooked the whole way through. Every little detail ties in extremely well with the main plot to move the story along. 

I loved that this show used flashbacks to show how characters end up where they are in the present day. It also tackles the disruptions of this kind of technology on personal connections and daily life. 

Each cast member performed gave a stellar performance. Jung Ga-Ram stood out as Lee Hye-yeong with his shy but complex character. As a viewer, you’ll get the chance to watch the main love triangle unfold, and feel the heartbreak that some of the characters encounter when no one rings their alarm.  

Additionally, the soundtrack stands out with bands like The 1975 and the South Korean pop group Seventeen.

Although I honestly enjoyed “Love Alarm,” there were certain scenes that could be confusing at first. Some of the technicalities of the app weren’t explained properly until a breaking incident in the story occurred. For instance, just because someone rings your alarm does not guarantee your happiness or that you’ll find your significant other. Even after some of these rules were explained, there were still some that didn’t make a lot of sense, such as the 2.0 version of the app. Hopefully, viewers will get answers to those questions if there is a season 2. 

One aspect about Korean dramas is that they tend to start with giving a lot of exposition and flashbacks, so you’ll need to be a bit patient if this is your first time watching one. Ultimately, though, everything comes together seamlessly by the end.

If you’re into shows with plot twists, then this is perfect. Despite the fact that it has a love triangle, the storyline is still interesting and it doesn’t become dull due to the technology and science element of the show. It starts off lighthearted and there’s a few parts that will take you by surprise. Once you’re done, you’ll want another season.


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