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Wednesday February 28th

Women’s soccer roars

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By Seva Galant
Staff Writer

The women’s soccer team continued its dominance with a 3-0 victory against Moravian College at Lions’ Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 7. This marks the third straight game that ended in a shutout in favor of the Lions.

Setting an early tone by scoring a goal just 26 seconds after the whistle with a penalty kick rebound, the team led every category from goal attempts to corner kicks, generating a high offensive output. The Lions outpaced Moravian with several shots on goal and a very tight defense.

Moravian was only able to put up one shot on goal in all 90 minutes. Overwhelmed by the Lions’ defensive prowess, Moravian was offensively stunted and left with very few options.

Nolan dribbles past a defender (Photo courtesy of the Sports Information Desk).

Notable performances came from junior midfielder Kelly Carolan, freshman forward Nina Carlson and senior midfielder Taylor Nolan.

Their combined efforts resulted in a total of six shot attempts and three goals — two by Carolan and one by Carlson.

The combined efforts of the under and upperclassmen bode well for the development of the team in the remainder of the season as Nolan did with her assist to Carlson, a senior trusting a freshman to take the shot.

The team’s next game will be tonight at 6:30 p.m. at home against John Hopkins University.


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