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Tuesday October 4th

Women's soccer soars

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By Seva Galant

The women’s soccer team started off the season with two early victories in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, the first being against the hosts of the tournament, Swarthmore College. In a 1-0 shutout, sophomore forward Nikki Butler led the Lions with 3 shot attempts and their only goal. 

Butler dribbles the ball upfield (Photo courtesy of the Sports Information Desk).

Next, the team faced Eastern Connecticut State University, securing a dominant 7-0 victory with goals by seven different players, including four freshmen—forward Lindsay O’Keefe, forward Nina Carlson, midfielder Gianna Coppola and forward/midfielder Ava Garay. With such a high offensive output, especially by so many freshmen, morale will definitely be higher than typical throughout the season, as the team will have more developed assets to help them win. The strong momentum the players have accumulated early in the season will prove to be their greatest advantage if the team can maintain it.

The Lions’ performance has been impressive on the road so far, and with the first home game of the season coming up, they will showcase the early dominant tone that the College’s women’s soccer team put on display in the first two games. With head coach Joe Russo’s implementation of a strategic focus on recovery and rest, the Lions are bound to improve while reducing injuries and maintaining the team’s performance throughout the season. Their summer training has been successful, as they overcame the two-a-day sessions and are hopeful to keep up the pace and stay healthy throughout the rest of their season.

The Lions return to the field on Saturday, Sept. 7 for their home opener against Moravian College. 


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