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Tuesday February 27th

Students shouldn't be afraid to explore new opportunities

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By Liya Davidov
Features Editor

College is the time for exploring who you are and who you want to be. The best way to figure that out is by putting yourself out there and pushing your limits. I knew that when I came to the College, I wanted to take advantage of every opportunity and experience I could, and so far, I’ve done just that. One organization I’ve surprised myself in joining is All College Theater. 

Last fall, I applied to be a writer for a 24-hour play competition on campus. Since my decision was so last-minute, all of the writing positions were filled, and I was encouraged by the organizers to audition instead. At first glance at that email, I nearly laughed. Me? Acting? The words didn’t really work together in the same sentence — but soon I realized that they could. 

My friend was auditioning and practically dragged me into that audition room with her. We read lines with each other in front of six student arbitures, and what made my blood pressure rise above normal conditions lasted only a couple of minutes. A little while later, I received an email congratulating me on my successful audition — just like that, I was in. 

Getting involved in an improvisational acting event can broaden one's horizons (Photo courtesy of Liya Davidov).

I spent all day rehearsing with student actors, stage managers and directors, and that night we performed along with the other plays. Although I nearly peed myself three different times just before the show, I hadn’t been excited like that for an event in a long time. And the adventure just continued.

Not only was the show successful, but I met the most amazing people and made so many new friends. Those unfamiliar faces that I used to pass around campus are now giggling with mine as we pass each other. In fact, these new friends encouraged me to audition for the annual Murder Mystery production in November, and that time around, I was counting down the hours until I got to walk into the audition. 

Growing up, I always had fantasies of being a Disney princess on the big screen, but I never imagined that I’d actually audition for a professional production. While I may not join club swimming, nursing club or sing in a school musical, I am considering organizations that are just enough out of my comfort zone to try. 

There are so many amazing people on this campus who can lead you into new experiences that you might not have considered on your own. The College gives you what you take out of it, and today is the day you can try something new.


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