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Sunday December 5th

CUB Alt energizes audience with trap music

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By Julia Landi 

The dim, blue lights and powerful sound of the music from the speakers turned BSC 100 into an intimate venue for CUB Alt’s Wicca Phase Springs Eternal concert on March 3.

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal is a popular emo-trap artist also known for his collaboration with Lil Peep in GothBoiClique and being a former member of the group. With nearly 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Wicca Phase’s moody style appeals to a large crowd. 

The audience could be seen dancing and singing along to the music, especially when he performed more popular songs like “Secret Boy.”

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal performers his hit ‘Secret Boy.’ (Jhon Beltran / Staff Photographer)

“It was really exciting to see Wicca Phase at such an intimate venue,” said Liz Osekavage, a freshman psychology major. “I really enjoyed it.”

Wicca Phase made his performance feel more personal to the audience, taking breaks in between songs to talk to the crowd. He shared his excitement about this being his first college show as a solo artist and gratitude for the unexpected turn out.

“I thought there would be 10 people here,” Wicca Phase said. “But there was obviously more than that, so that was comforting.”

After his performance, he stayed to talk to fans and take pictures with them, adding to the intimate experience of the concert.

Fantasy Camp, one of the opening acts, has worked with Wicca Phase in the group Misery Club. He has a similar sound with moody, autotuned vocals and simple beats.

The soft sound of the music drew the audience’s attention to Fantasy Camp’s melodramatic vocals. The audience seemed relaxed, getting swept up in the mellow performance.

Audrey Nuna was the first artist to go on. She is a 20-year-old pop artist who incorporates rap and other genres into her sound. She is also from New Jersey, as she shared trying to get the crowd hyped up for her performance.

She was the only performer with a full band and gave a very lively performance. The band helped her performance stand out from the other two in the evening with the groovy bass lines and enthusiastic drumming. She also danced on stage, getting the audience to sing along with her and bringing up the energy of the venue. 

“Audrey had a really strong, soulful performance,” said Zach Rich, a sophomore computer science major. “I think she’s good for a commercial break out.”

CUB Alt’s shows have been popular on campus for years. Typically, they’re known for bringing in indie and alternative rock bands, but students seem to enjoy the difference in style.

“It was very cool,” said Jonah Malvey, a senior interactive multimedia major. “I’m really happy that they’re expanding the genres that they’re bringing here.”


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