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Monday April 15th

What we’re watching on Netflix: ‘Elder Millennial’

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By Natalie Notaro
Staff Writer

You’ve heard it time and time again: women aren’t as funny as men. Female comedians tend to gain less recognition than their male counterparts, most likely due to this stigma. Regardless, comedian Iliza Shlesinger defies these stereotypes in her four comedy specials, specifically in her 2018 stand-up “Elder Millennial.”

This relatable, theatrical and lighthearted special can be found on Netflix. I recommend that every college-aged girl get a group of friends together and indulge in Shlesinger’s views and anecdotes about the trials and tribulations of being a woman today.

Shlesinger kicks off her hour-long show by cracking a joke about her age. She is on the cusp of Generation X, but likes to consider herself to be an “elder millennial.” Despite being a millennial, she assures the audience through her comedy that she is very much in the know about issues young women deal with, such as dating, the harsh realities of your twenties and the pressure of conforming to society’s standards of femininity.

Iliza Shlesinger recently released her latest comedy special on Netflix (Netflix).

“Should I buy a rug or eat dinner?” is a line well received by the audience as Shlesinger unpacks the calamity and confusion that is living in your twenties. Within this bit, she unveils to the audience a secret about women that none of us want to admit to: women are filthy. Shlesinger relates to her audience as she exposes everything from the way girls attempt to impress guys to the disgusting center console of every girl's car.

One of Shlesinger’s hit recurring jokes from other specials includes the “She-Dragon,” every woman’s inner “crazy” that inevitably comes out once she is left alone. This bit, along with others, includes a healthy amount of theatrics. The comedian will crawl near the floor, squat on her knees and even make animal impressions, all to make sure that she keeps her audience engaged.

Shlesinger does a great job of emphasizing her stance on feminism through her jokes in a non-threatening way, keeping the audience both cheering, laughing and in a great mood throughout the entire special.

When unpacking why women don’t hit on men, Shlesinger speaks on the harsh realities of gender stereotypes. “Women aren’t used to dealing with rejection when it comes to guys,” she said. “We’re used to dealing with rejection when it comes to the idea of, I don’t know, governing our own bodies, having our own thoughts and not getting paid the same for doing a job a man does.”

“Elder Millennial” is a feel-good special that will leave viewers feeling both heard and empowered. Shlesinger keeps her energy high and engages her audience from start to finish. The special has received positive feedback due to the content approval by the audience, so much so that Shlesinger has her own sketch series, now also on Netflix.

Get your roommates together or pop a bag of popcorn for yourself and watch this entertaining special.


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