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Wednesday December 1st

All to know regarding group fitness classes at the College

By Hannah Englese
Staff Writer

From kickboxing to cycling classes, the College’s Recreation and Wellness Center offers numerous fitness classes for students to stay moving this semester.

Unlike the $25 fee students were required to pay during previous semesters, all classes, whether virtual or in-person, are free during the Fall 2021 semester.

Group fitness classes are exclusively available to the College’s students, staff and faculty. These classes can be found at the Recreation Center Fitness Studio located within Campus Town. 

At least one fitness class is taught each day of the week, except for Thursday and Sundays. The College offers students with a selection of classes from kickboxing, various styles of yoga, cycling, and zumba, all taught by trained and certified instructors. 

To register for classes, students must download the ATLETO app and create an account using their school email address. In the app, students can choose what class or classes they would like to take, with the deadline to sign up being the start time of the class. 

Freshman Grace Dellinger attended a yoga class during her first week on campus. 

“Yoga Flow was a unique experience and helped me connect with my mind and body,” she said. “It also helped me destress from the intense first week of school.” 

For students who are not comfortable attending exercise classes in person, the College will also be hosting virtual classes for those who want to get some fitness in from home. Kickboxing with Maria, Yoga with Ellen and Zenergy with Julia will all be held virtually.

Andrew Lindenmuth, a freshman engineering science major, has been attending the virtual Zumba classes. 

“It was a memorable experience that allowed me to meet more friends and helped me find new ways to stay active,” he said. 

Freshman international studies major, Michael Karanaugh, stepped out of his comfort zone and attended the Abs and Booty class taught by Lauren during welcome week.

“Considering it was my first week at college, I was nervous to put myself out there in a new way,” he said. “I never expected an abs and booty workout to be such a welcoming and fulfilling environment.”

Fitness classes are not only just for exercise. Students can find others with similar interests and hobbies by attending these classes. 

“I ended up meeting new people who are now my friends,” Karanaugh said.

For more information regarding Group Fitness Classes and their schedules, students can visit the College’s website or contact directly with any questions or concerns. 

Students can also follow @tcnjrecwell on Instagram to stay up to date on classes and all other information regarding the Recreation and Wellness Center.


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