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Sunday November 28th

CUB Alt presents singer-songwriter Olivia Lunny with Joe P

By Gabriella Ramirez

CUB Alt comes back yet again with another performance: Olivia Lunny with Joe P as the opening act. The event took place Sept. 21 at 8 p.m. in the Brower Student Center, room 225E.

The crowd was lively as singer Joe P began to perform his hit singles, “Baby Teeth,” “Leaves,” and “Off My Mind.” Many students sat on the floor of the room facing the stage. The lights danced off the walls as the bass increased, and the room filled with Joe P’s voice, raspy yet soulful. Each song had its own story and took the crowd on a memorable adventure.

“Being in an environment of music I never heard before and enjoying it brought me into a whole different emotion about music that I never felt before,” said Ashley Jaquez, a freshman nursing major. “I hope to see and hear music the way I saw tonight again.” 

After performing, Joe P said he would be selling his merchandise and then began to engage with the students of College, discussing their opinions of the performance. Joe P even allowed the students who had come to sign his jeans as a memento of touring there. 

After Joe P finished his set, singer-songwriter Olivia Lunny took the stage and filled the room with a whimsical energy and expressed her gratitude through the songs she performed. As she sang her set, the crowd cheered and began to stand and clap. One after the other, people began dancing to her performance and the energy was liberating while she sang. Many of the students attending the event left the event smiling. 

“The concert was such a cool experience. Being so close to the artists really felt intimate and the songs from both artists were great,” said Chloe Peterson, a freshman English major. “I especially enjoyed meeting the artists and talking with them.”


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