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Sunday September 24th

The Signal's Relaunch

By the Editorial Board

This semester has been a tumultuous one for us. 

Not long after beginning this semester, our website ran into a series of crippling problems, beginning with hosting issues and ending with brute-force malware attacks that crippled our only platform for publication. 

That scenario — which has persisted from the end of September to now — is the absolute worst-case possible situation that any publication can run into. 

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our dedicated staff of writers and editors for keeping up their good work throughout this strange period of inactivity; we are thrilled that their work will finally see publication. 

Our Web Editor — Sterly Deracy — also deserves special recognition for going far beyond the expectations of his position in troubleshooting the many issues we’ve run into, determining the precise root causes of our problems, and running solutions. This stretch of inactivity would have been infinitely longer if not for his expertise and 24/7 availability. 

And though we have lost much of the semester, we are now finally able to relaunch a new version of our website, a project we have been working on for the duration of our historic blackout.  

Though the past few weeks have been rough, now that we are coming out of it, we, as an organization, are stronger than we have ever been. 

Our new website represents a final and long-term solution to the website problems that have plagued us over the years. 

We are now ready and eager to return to normal, once again serving the College and our community in the best way we can. 

Thank you, 

The Signal Editorial Board


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