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Wednesday September 27th

Tyreek Hill traded to Miami Dolphins

Photo via @NFL on Instagram.
Photo via @NFL on Instagram.

By Kevin Long
Staff Writer

Cheetah Leaves Kansas City

When NFL fans imagine Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, the player he is throwing to is usually WR Tyreek Hill. Hill  has been a staple of the Chiefs recent offensive domination of the rest of the league alongside TE Travis Kelce — which is why Hill being traded to the Miami Dolphins is such a shocking move to fans across the league.

The Dolphins gave up their 2022 first, second and third-round picks along with their 2023 fourth and sixth-round picks in exchange for Tyreek Hill — a surprising move after Cowboys star WR Amari Cooper was traded to the Browns for a measly fifth-round pick. Some analysts have been quick to say that Hill wanted out of Kansas City, citing the fact that the Chiefs were willing to give Hill a contract similar to the one he was given upon arriving in Miami. This narrative however, is likely a surface level assumption made by those looking to find the next big story. The true reason is likely due to the lack of income tax in Florida, which allows Hill to make more money with a smaller contract. 

Dolphins Building a Playoff Roster?

At the beginning of last season, the Miami Dolphins were seen as a potential playoff team behind second-year QB Tua Tagovailoa and rookie WR Jaylen Waddle. Despite a slow start, the Dolphins managed to nearly make the playoffs after piecing together a seven-game winning streak. In a division that also includes the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots, the Dolphins were going to need more than the top tier talent they had already acquired in order to squeeze into the tight AFC playoff race.

Acquiring Hill might just be the major move to push Miami over the hump they have been trying to cross since drafting Tagovailoa in 2019. Tagovailoa needs to be surrounded by elite pass catchers if he hopes to take that next step that is needed to keep up with the likes of Bills QB Josh Allen or the elite New England defense. Normally, one might lock the Dolphins in as a Wild Card team — but with the number of league changing moves made this offseason in the AFC alone, only time will tell who is able to secure a spot in the 2022-2023 NFL Playoffs.


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