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Wednesday October 5th

I-Tunes’ i-Cabaret marks the return of the in-person annual performance

(Photo courtesy of Nicole Henry)
(Photo courtesy of Nicole Henry)

By Nicole Henry

The i-Tunes a cappella group took the library auditorium stage for the first time since fall 2019 on March 25 at 7:30 p.m for their annual i-Cabaret performance. With songs ranging from recent Taylor Swift hits to Broadway ballads, the cabaret displayed a wide variety of vocal talent.

The chemistry between group members was undeniable as every silence was filled with cheers and supportive commentary for whoever was onstage. Whether they were dancing along with the songs or encouraging other performances, there was never a lack of energy. The audience also responded incredibly well, laughing and clapping along with many of the songs.

I-Tunes gained an additional 10 members this year, all who blend into the energetic dynamic of the overall group seamlessly. New member Sabrina Sims, a freshman psychology major, felt elated at the audience’s reaction following her solo performance of “Calm” from the musical “Ordinary Days.”

“I’ve done theatre before so it was really nice to do it again in a cabaret and also just to hear laughter and reactions in the audience,” Sims said. “I feel like you don’t hear that a lot in cabarets, so it’s exciting for me to step into a character when everyone else is doing something that’s like more of a song you would hear at a concert. That was probably my favorite part. I was not expecting the laughter — it was so nice.”

As the College’s only international a cappella group, each vocalist is well-versed with performing a diverse repertoire of music. Their set included 22 different songs spanning various genres, performed either as solos, duets, trios or featuring the entire group together. Some performers accompanied other members or their own performances with instruments such as piano, guitar or tambourine. 

They displayed their impressive vocal technique with songs such as “Easy on Me” by Adele and “No Body No Crime” by Taylor Swift ft. HAIM. The audience cheered on the performers as they achieved tight harmonies and key changes both with and without any music to accompany them. 

For performers, the pandemic brought its own set of challenges in that opportunities to perform became incredibly scarce. The group members exuded gratitude and excitement at the mere possibility to make their annual cabaret happen again. 

“I think the best thing though about tonight was just basically allowing everybody to have an outlet to perform,” said Alexandra Vargas, the i-Tunes president and a junior early childhood education and english major. “Whether they were a first time performer or somebody who’s been in the group for a while, I think it was amazing. We were all waiting to come out and perform; I’m just blessed that we were given the opportunity and the space to do so.”


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