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Tuesday August 16th

‘Honeymoon with My Mother’: Bonding on a tropical island

<p>(Photo courtesy of Netflix)</p>

(Photo courtesy of Netflix)

By Lea Pichardo
Staff Writer

Seconds before José Luis (Quim Gutiérrez) can officially marry a young woman named Teresa (Celia Freijeiro), the supposed love of his life, she dumps him at the altar and leaves with another man. Luis, understandably, is devastated. However, his inability to cancel the upcoming honeymoon leaves him with a rare opportunity to grieve and process this betrayal on a beautiful tropical island renowned for its pristine beaches. There was just one catch: his mom, Mari Carmen (Carmen Machi), is determined to go with him. Having never seen the world as a young woman, she jumps at the chance to travel and get pampered. This trip, however, also allows her to look out for her heartbroken son. 

“Honeymoon with My Mother,'' which premiered on April 29, is ultimately a tale about the bond between a mother and her son. The idea is that the trip turns out to be healing for them both.

In all honesty, there is not a lot to be said for the originality of the premise. Everything the viewers need to know about the film is in the trailer. There are mishaps, misunderstandings, lies, epiphanies and temptations that add humor to the story. Through it all, Mari and her son grow closer. They have experiences that transform them into better people. Despite their crazy and chaotic vacation, the ending is heartwarming and happy. Overall, the film could have been far more unique and less predictable. There also could have been more scenes that shed a positive light on José and his relationship with Mari since there is a lot of fighting and bickering. The story would have benefited from more wholesome scenes with portrayals of genuine friendship or that introduce high-stakes situations, or in other words, the types of situations that require teamwork. Ultimately, however, the story is engaging in other ways. 

Directed by Paco Cabello, ‘Honeymoon with My Mother’ is originally a Spanish romantic comedy. Some scenes center around the language barrier between natives of Mauritius Island and the main Hispanic characters of the film. Those scenes are part of what makes the film so intriguing. Attempts to speak French and English during a small conversation adds a touch of realism. To some extent, it enhances the quality of the film. In addition to that, while humor is subjective, the film made me laugh. One of my favorite characters is a woman named Montse (Yolanda Ramos) who has a gift for telling long-winded stories that no one is interested in hearing. Though she is intense at times, she is also very passionate and sweet. 

In the end, I enjoyed the backdrop of a visually breathtaking resort, gorgeous beaches and a cerulean blue ocean. The themes, all centered around family, love, friendship and gratitude for the people in your life, were executed well to a certain extent. The movie’s message was simple, and although I could see it coming from a mile away, the happy ending was still satisfying. 


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