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Friday December 8th

New and upcoming streaming releases

<p>(Graphic by Navya Sinha) </p>

(Graphic by Navya Sinha)

By Gabby Pacitti
Staff Writer 

Let’s be real — life as a college student can get pretty busy. Between classes, internships, clubs and jobs, the to-do list can feel never-ending. Then there are those times when all you feel like doing is curling up on the couch with a blanket and a good show, and honestly, you deserve that. So when you find those moments when you don’t have to be here, there and everywhere, here is a list of upcoming streaming releases to get you through that sweet down time.

For the thrill-seeker:

“You” Season 4, Part 2
Penn Badgley returns as serial killer Joe Goldberg, a charming but obsessive bookstore manager who goes to extreme lengths to be with the women he finds himself transfixed by. Following the events of the first three seasons, we now see Joe living in London under a new identity: an English professor named Jonathan Moore. What kind of murderous situations will Joe find himself in this season? Catch up on the psychological thriller before the final five episodes of the season premier next month.

Release Date: March 9, 2023
Where to watch: Netflix

Sebastian Stan and Julianne Moore star in this neo-noir thriller set in New York City. In a web of secrets and lies, a young man cons rich people to gain the wealth he is after and exact revenge on his family. Check out the AppleTV+ film about ambition, greed and jealousy when it premieres next week.

Release Date: February 17, 2023
Where to watch: AppleTV+

For the action junkie:

“The Mandalorian” Season 3
The long-awaited Disney+ hit is finally returning for a third season this spring, starring Pedro Pascal as the show’s namesake character. The season two finale saw Mando and Grogu’s separation, with the reappearance of Luke Skywalker to take The Child to continue his training. Tune into Disney+ on March 1 to return to a galaxy far, far away, and continue on the galactic adventure.

Release Date: March 1, 2023
Where to watch: Disney+

“Murder Mystery 2”
Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler return for the second installment of the Netflix film “Murder Mystery.” Sandler and Aniston play husband and wife duo Nick and Audrey Spitz, who have quit their jobs to become full-time private detectives. Their skills are put to the test when a friend is unexpectedly kidnapped at a private island wedding, and they find themselves in the middle of an international investigation. 

Release Date: March 31, 2023
Where to watch: Netflix

For the comedy lover:

“History of the World: Part II”
Written and produced by legendary actor and comedian Mel Brooks, “History of the World: Part II” is the sequel to his 1981 film “History of the World: Part I.” The series illustrates different periods of human history through a variety of sketches led by stars Nick Kroll, Ike Barinholtz and Wanda Sykes, as well as other big names in comedy like Seth Rogen and Danny DeVito. 

Release Date: March 6, 2023
Where to watch: Hulu

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” Season 10

British comedian John Oliver hosts “Last Week Tonight,” a late-night talk and news satire show. The weekly series features Oliver’s comedic take on today’s political, social and cultural news. If you’re a fan of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” or just prefer a healthy dose of satire with your current events, check out “Last Week Tonight” for its season 10 premiere. 

Release Date: February 19, 2023
Where to watch: HBO Max

For the reality TV guru:

“Perfect Match”
Nick Lachey hosts Netflix’s newest dating show, which brings together singles from their other popular dating shows like “Love is Blind,” “Too Hot to Handle” and “The Ultimatum” for another shot at finding love. Contestants will couple up and compete in a series of games and challenges to earn the title of most compatible couple. This duo will have the power to break up other couples and send them on dates with new singles in the villa, creating the inevitable chaos we expect from reality TV.

Release Date: February 14, 2023
Where to watch: Netflix

“The Voice” Season 23
The popular singing competition returns to NBC this March, bringing along some new and exciting judges. Blake Shelton will return for his final season on “The Voice,” along with Kelly Clarkson after her brief hiatus. Two new judges will make their debut on the show this spring: Niall Horan, formerly a member of One Direction, and hip-hop star Chance the Rapper. Tune in to watch the judges coach a new batch of rising musicians as they search for the next big name in music. 

Release Date: March 6, 2023
Where to watch: NBC, streaming next day on Peacock

For the sports fan:

NCAA Basketball
Follow your favorite college teams as we begin to round the corner to March Madness. Any NCAA basketball game airing on CBS will be available to stream live on Paramount+.

Upcoming games:
Saturday, Feb. 18: Tennessee vs. Kentucky, 1 p.m. 
Sunday, Feb. 19: Ohio State vs. Purdue, 1 p.m. 

“Make or Break” Season 2
The AppleTV+ docuseries returns for a second season this Friday. Following the world of professional surfing, “Make or Break” gives viewers insight into the surfers’ lives as they travel the world to compete for the World Championship title. 

Release Date: February 17, 2023
Where to watch: AppleTV+

For the drama lover:

“White House Plumbers”
Coming to HBOMax in March, “White House Plumbers” tells the story of the masterminds behind the Watergate scandal in the early 1970s. Starring Woody Harrelson as E. Howard Hunt and Justin Theroux as G. Gordon Liddy, the political drama series will illustrate the eventual collapse of the presidency these political saboteurs were trying to protect.

Release date: March 2023
Where to watch: HBOMax

“Outer Banks” Season 3
The wildly popular Netflix series returns for its third season on Feb. 23. Featuring 10 episodes, this season will follow our favorite Pogues and Kooks as they are once again caught up in a race for the treasure. Especially exciting is the anticipated reunion between John B and his formerly assumed-to-be-dead father. 

Release Date: February 23, 2023
Where to watch: Netflix


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