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Friday April 19th

Third season’s the charm — ‘Outer Banks’ new season exceeds expectations

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(Photo courtesy of IMDb)

By Bailei Burgess-Simmons
Staff Writer

The highly anticipated third season of “Outer Banks” premiered on Netflix on Feb. 23. With its return came the continuation of the story of our favorite group of treasure hunting, bad-guy-busting best friends. 

The show picks up on the deserted island that it left off on, a month from the season two ending, and from there the whirlwind of drama, suspense and action takes off. 

The new season brings new characters, new relationships, new betrayals and most importantly, a new treasure. That’s right. Kieara, Pope, JJ, Sarah and John B are still chasing the treasure from the Royal Merchant. With a twist.

What started as an effort to find Big John, John B’s missing father, turned into a treasure hunt for the ages. Their original jackpot, a pile of gold from the ruins of a centuries old shipwreck, turned into the recovery of ancient family heirlooms and the hunt for the origins of the gold. 

Throughout the ten episodes of season three, they are faced by every trial and tribulation one can think of, all with the hopes of solving the mystery and proving to their friends, family and foes in OBX (abbreviation for The Outer Banks) that they are the real deal. 

What some pass off as a show of silly teenage drama has once again proved to be so much more. 

To start, the intricate plot kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Every time I thought I knew what was going to happen next, I was surprised by the even better direction that the show went in. The perfect combination of suspense and drama easily made this season of “Outer Banks” binge worthy. 

If the action and suspense wasn’t enough, the dynamic and complex relationships were more than capable of keeping me invested.  New loves were found, old foes forgiven and, more than anything, the familial bond of the main characters and their commitment to one another was rich and inspiring. 

What I appreciated most was the way “Outer Banks” still managed to maintain a lighthearted, almost comedic vibe throughout the show. JJ’s jokes at the most inopportune times and the silly banter amongst the characters never failed to keep me in good spirits, even when things were spiraling out of control. 

If the other two seasons were not clear enough, season three proved that “Outer Banks” is more than a teenage mystery — it’s a tale of love and friendship, too. The ebb and flow of the relationship of our five crime-solving friends throughout the show makes it the treasure it is. The unity amongst the pogues in OBX — despite the pressures of life and their perseverance through loss, discrimination and just about every other trouble — is admirable and well… sometimes dangerous.  However, there never seems to be anything too dangerous for them. Their problem solving skills are unmatched, and their trust in one another is unwavering. 

I urge anyone who hasn’t already to watch “Outer Banks.” If the conclusion of this season is anything to go by, there is much to look forward to in the season to come.


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